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Bouvier des Flandres: The great guardian dogs

The Bouvier is considered to be a vigilant dog breed and has been noted for its distinguished working ability. During the First World War, Bouvier des Flandres served as a messenger as well as an ambulance dog. With its warfare exposure, the breed has nearly reached its extinction.

It is said that the monks from Ter Duinen monastery were the first breeders of the Bouvier. Irish wolfhounds and local farm dogs were used to create the modern Bouvier breed. The obtained predecessor is said to have emerged as a working dog tirelessly assisting herding and cattle jobs.

Bouvier des Flandres which means cowherd from Flanders is characterized by its rugged look and intimidating appearance. Its head is the most notable feature accentuated with the heavy beard and mustache. The thick double coat creates the powerful built that gives an impression about size and strength.

Male Bouviers can weigh as much as 55 kilograms and can grow up to 28 inches. Females are slightly smaller with an average height of 22-27 inches and weighs between 27-36 pounds and they can bear as much as 10 live youngs during its pregnancy cycle. However, these dogs have a life expectancy of about 10-12 years.

During the First World War, the Bouviers served as the messenger dog as well as the ambulance dog. With their distinguished working ability, they play an important role during the warfare. This led to the decrease of their population that nearly reached extinction.

At an early age, Bouviers must be properly socialized in order to avoid suspiciousness, shyness and being reserved with strangers. They must be well exposed to other pets such as cats and other dogs. Their behavior in general depends on how they are brought up.

Bouviers are said to be slow when it comes to maturity. They become physically and mentally matured when they reach the age of 2- 3 years. Dogs from this breed are very adaptable making them an excellent family pet.

Include a regular exercise in their daily regimen. These dogs love to exercise a lot especially run around the parks. But once they feel abused or mistreated, these dogs can become aggressive as well.

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