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Chihuahua. The heart of a lion in a small breed

The Chihuahua is the world's smallest dog breed. And though sometimes it seems that their popularity stems from this single trait, Chihuahuas are excellent pets for the right people. They were discovered in and named after the Mexican state in the middle of the 1800's.

Though this was the first time that this distinctive breed was seen by Europeans, the Chihuahua actually has a long history in the Americas.

"The Chihuahua dog breed is thought to be descended from the breed known as the techichi, an ancient breed that can be dated back to around 500 AD"

There is some speculation that these small dogs were used for religious purposes by the Mayans and the Aztecs.

In both cases, Chihuahuas have been found in graves all over Mexico and South America, letting us believe that these dogs had a position of importance in some households.

Unfortunately, not a lot is known about the role that these dogs played. In 1850, Europeans saw their first Chihuahuas in the ruins of a palace thought to be built by the famed emperor Montezuma.

Chihuahuas themselves are excellent house pets, but they are easily startled and prone to biting, something that makes them unsuitable for young children.

It is often suggested that children be slowly introduced to this slightly nervous dog breed, and only after some time spent learning how to handle them.

They are known to be somewhat insular, and though they may bond strongly with their human family, there is a chance that they'll be prone to fight with other dogs.

One of the most remarkable traits of the modern Chihuahua is its bravery; these dogs often confront much larger animals in an extremely aggressive pattern, something that can lead to injury if the encounter is not closely monitored.

The world's smallest dogs breed is also known to be fairly long lived as well.

Chihuahuas can live for sixteen to eighteen years if given good care. Due to their size, however, chihuahuas must be monitored by an experience veterinarian during events like dental cleaning and birthing.

This breed of dog can be prone to epilepsy and problems with seizures, things which can strike at any time. If you decide to get a chihuahua, you should take some time to speak with a breeder or a veterinarian about the health problems that you might encounter.

For instance, Chihuahua puppies are born with incomplete skulls, and care must be taken that their soft spot, known as the molera, is not damaged during the first months of their lives.

When caring for this dog breed, remember that care should be taken to make sure that they exercise regularly. Overweight Chihuahuas suffer from joint issues, heart problems and eventually a shortened lifespan.

Because they can be picky eaters, care must be taken to ensure that your dog gets all the nutrition it needs from its meals.

With their bright personality and energetic nature, Chihuahua are excellent pets if they can be given the proper care and socialization.

Take a look at a Chihuahua's needs and what you are able to provide before adopting a member of this tiny dog breed!

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