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Chihuahua: The Smallest Dog on Earth

Chihuahua dogs are one of the most highly priced canine breeds in the world. It is nicknamed as Chichi and is considered as the smallest “god” on earth, being honored by the royal Aztecs in the ancient times.

The Chihuahua dogs are believed to have originated from Mexico. It is named after the state of Chihuahua and was developed from an ancient breed of canine that was larger in size and worshipped by the ancient Aztecs in Mexico. The stone carvings found in the pyramids of the Cholula are what basically support the Chihuahua’s value in the religious life of the ancient Aztec people in the Chihuahua region of Mexico.

The Appearance and Size

The Chihuahua dogs, in terms of size, naturally weigh around 2 to 6 pounds. They stand at a height of only 6 to 9 inches, making it the smallest canine breed on earth.

The Chihuahua appears beautifully with its soft coat. However, it is important to note that the Chihuahua breed comes with a coat that is smooth and long. The smooth coat is noted particularly for its soft and glossy appearance, as well as for its being fully textured. The long coat, on the other hand, is prized significantly for its length, softness and curly or flat appearance. The coat of the Chihuahua is also noted for its wonderful shades, highlighting the colors of black, white, brown, and fawn. It may also appear in tri-color or in solid color, and they shed in average.

Character and Temperament

Considered by the Chinese as the “Chi”, the Chihuahua dogs are highly energetic and lively. They move gracefully and always display varied expressions that are to some degree human-like. They are also the most devoted breeds with the tendency to be extremely closed to their masters. However, the Chihuahua dogs require a higher level of human affection and attention than the other breeds. They make great companions for both the younger and older generation, and even to those who are so busy performing their roles and responsibilities in the society they belong. They scare away people who are strangers to them, however.

Finally, the Chihuahuas are sensitive to cold temperatures. They easily get cold, but they can also suffer from heatstroke once exposed to direct sunlight. It is for this reason basically that Chihuahua owners are often recommended to keep their dogs inside their homes. The Chihuahua dogs are then perfect for apartment living.

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