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Common dog breeding problems

You can't plan for everything to end up positively and there are times where you'll chance upon troubles and you need fast solutions. In canine breeding, be ready to anticipate problems along the way and that's a good practice so you can prepare yourself.

If you merely keep on believing that all will go smoothly, you will be devastated when you're in a serious spot. You must have a positive outlook nevertheless, so be ready for all the 'what if's' of breeding dogs.

In order to ready yourself, these are the prospective issues that you can run into while breeding canines. Such problems differ although if you're mindful of them and their possible fixes, you may simply work past them as they come up.

Birth troubles - birth problems are very commonplace and being a breeder, it is your responsibility to keep a close watch when the dog is close to giving birth. There are moments that your female dog might die while giving birth and that's a scenario you need to prepare yourself for because aside from possible death, some puppies could be malformed when born and just a few pups are normal.

Yet another problem is that the female may still not be prepared to care for their pups and if that's the situation, you'll have to act as the mother of the puppies nursing them with bottles or tube-feeding whatever the situation calls for. You're fortunate if a canine becomes pregnant the first mating time and then births puppies without experiencing any trouble.

Well matched domestic dogs - even though canines look good together, doesn't mean that they are appropriate and you must be sure that these canines are right for each other prior to mating them. It'd be best to mate dogs of the same breed but if you wish to inter breed, you should look into the ancestral makeup of the breeds.

This is to ensure that the pups aren't going to inherit any faults or health problems so for example, it's a bad idea to mate a Saint Bernard with a Bulldog. The bitch would undoubtedly expire in birthing since the canines are not compatible so analyze the breeding specifications of every canine so you'll be able to locate a decent mate.

Dog breeding is indeed an expensive activity and many breeders think that they can gain massive amounts of money within the breeding industry. Frankly, that might be factual with large scale producing puppies however if you own just a single female dog, that's not a decent method of making money.

The costs you incur are too high as compared to the profits you're going to make when you account for the prices of stud costs, veterinarian costs, and the puppy expenses. Some breeders are not looking into the 'money' associated with this since they merely want to produce dogs that they could keep for pets at home or if their relatives or friends asked for pups.

For people that wish to try dog breeding, whatever your intentions may be, it's helpful to realize that there's plenty to turn over and definitely what you're willing to spend and how much effort you are eager to apply. If you can respond to these inquiries and if you are ready to face the possible problems that go hand in hand with canine breeding, go for it, but just be ready to encounter obstacles one at a time as you run into them and don't give up without a fight.

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