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Does your dog size matter?

To get an extra cup of coffee or drinks as well as adding extra toppings to your pizza is just something that most individuals do without thinking, nonetheless, choosing a big dog won't always guarantee you all or most of the advantages of a dog. The requirements of each dog breed vary according to their background.

Some breeds, like hunters, are genetically programmed to crave the open spaces and outdoor exercise. If you are looking for dogs to be "lap dogs," some types of dogs such as miniature dogs can actually serve you well, enjoying the casual lifestyle without requiring much space or time to run and play outdoors.

The size of your dog has to fit the size of your living space. A German Shepherd is a exceptional guard dog for your city apartment, however, you must see to it that from time to time you bring that dog to a park so that it can run around and be active.

If catering to the needs of that beautiful dog is not something that you can do since you don't have enough time or you're too lazy to do so, then a guard dog is not what you really need but an warning device instead. A toy dog like a poodle or Chihuahua is content in your apartment and requires less outdoor time.

If your apartment or house has a solid high railing in its balcony, that is secured enough, that may be enough outside time for a small dog and supplemented with at least one daily outdoor walk, don't be deceived by the visual aspect or temperament of a particular dog.

A greyhound is a gentle dog that's also very quiet. Bringing such dog to a close living area is something that it won't be worried about. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that physical exercise in a daily basis is not needed by such gentle greyhound since it also requires adequate space where he can run around and play. Greyhounds can run up to forty five mph, so if you don't see to it that you can provide them enough time and space where they can freely run around, then don't be shocked if your parlor will be turned into their own track. Neither you nor the dog will be pleased with the result.

If you want to know each and every detail concerning dog maintenance, then you might as well consider the essence of size. You fell for the charm of that cute, furry puppy that barely nibbled the pup chow when you visited the pet store, but now, it grew up to be some creature in the form of a one hundred and twenty pound St Bernard that could almost eat just anything and would even leave your wallets very soft and thin.

To feed him on a regular basis with high quality dog food amounting to eight to ten scoops, you'll be spending the price of a daily steak dinner - only you don't get to eat the steak. Moving around a piece of furniture is not a very hard thing to do for your dogs particularly to the bigger ones. When there's nothing to do and you're racing late, the large dog may decide to deconstruct the parlor just for fun.

On the flip side, plenty of miniature dogs take up their own closet in little designer costumes, knit sweaters and clever playthings. Giving them such canopied or French provincial fashionable beds is also one of which most pet owners would love to do for their miniature dogs. The doggie stuff can take up far more space in your home than the dog does.

Some pet keepers have multiple pets and if you are one of them owning multiple dogs regardless of breed, you need to provide sleeping space for each dog. You should not anticipate that they would approve of being crowded with each other in just one place. They need space just like you do. They also need individual territory for sleeping, relaxing and concealing their toys or bones.

Outdoor dog houses having enough protection from any weather particularly the bad one should be provided to those dogs that are left to sleep or reside outside. Naturally, you won't let a neighbor share with your own bedroom unless necessary, so why would you expect your dog to share his kennel with the new dog? Bear in mind that if you want to add up another dog to your home, the space and care needs of each dog should be considered.

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