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English Bull Dogs

One of the calmest canine breeds known on earth, the English bull dogs are believed to have developed from an ancient breed of Asiatic mastiff. It was first born in Great Britain and was named “bull dog” simply for its robust appearance of a little bull. Although considered as the gentlest kind, the English bull dogs were originally developed for bull baiting in the medieval Britain. They were sent to fields to attack bulls during that time, before the said sport was prohibited by law in the dawn of nineteenth century.

The English bull dogs are noted particularly for its unique, intimidating appearance. It stands very short, but has a compact and wide body. Its head is known for being so thick, massive and broad with cheeks that expand to the sides of its eyes. It also has lips that are pendent and undershot, and its eyes are dark, round, and are located far apart. To complement its face, the English bull dogs have small ears that are thin and folded back.

In terms of coat, the English bull dogs have a coat that lies close to its body. The coat of this breed is noted for its texture and appearance, with smooth, flat and straight hairs. Just like the rest of the canine breeds, the coat of the English bull dogs comes in different colors and shades. Typically, you can see shades of red, brindle, pale yellow, white, fawn, and washed out red, or a combination of these colors in an English bull dog. Black is not common and is not even acceptable. These colors look great with the dogs’ short and small size with squarely set and stocky legs.

The English bull dogs’ intimidating looks does not speak much for its character and temperament. In fact, this breed is often described as the calmest and most reliable kind. It is gentle and loving, with a tendency to seek for more affection and attention. Also, the English bull dogs interact well with other canine breeds and even felines. They also make a good companion for adults, as well as kids.

With such qualities, it’s no wonder that the English bull dogs are often treated as a family dog. But more to that, the breed is also considered as perfect for guarding, the reason that more bull dogs are now trained for guarding and watch dogging. This is also considered knowing the fact that the breed is courageous enough to withstand from all challenges. But, as mentioned earlier, the English bull dogs will only do well in this field given the correct and proper training and enhancement.

You can maintain the great looks of your English bull dogs if you will exercise a regular care session. The breed only needs regular brushing or combing to remove any dirt and loose hair. It should also be bathed only when needed for the bull dog is a kind that sheds regularly. Its mouth and other parts of its body should also be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the English bull dog in good health. However, all of these tasks should only be performed by a dominant owner. The same is true for the training.

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