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English Bulldog facts

Since the 1800's the English Bulldog has been extremely popular since, despite their stubborn nature, they are actually a very docile breed. At one time the breed was encouraged to display their ferocious and courageous traits, but now they are a member of the non-sporting group and make an excellent devoted family pet. The earliest reference to an English Bulldog was found in literature from 1609. As of the year 2007 the English Bulldog made it on the list of the top ten dog breeds.

The English Bulldog was originally bred for the purpose of helping butchers control unruly oxen, as a guard dog and as a hunting companion. The name of the breed actually comes from when they were used to fight the bull in a sport called baiting which was outlawed in 1835. In the year 1976, the English Bulldog was finally accepted as a member of the American Kennel Club. There is much to consider when it comes to this complex dog breed.

The English Bulldog can do well in apartments as long as they get the occasional walk outside or to the park. The English Bulldog is not particular keen on exercise since they don't have a lot of energy. Rather the English Bulldog prefers to spend much of its time just lounging around the house. They do enjoy the company of family and are excellent pets if you have children in the household. If strangers come near, the English Bulldog will alert the family by barking and growling.

You will be alerted to strangers nearby by the English Bulldog barking and growling. They often do not attack since their imposing figure is enough to scare off most threats. They typically have an average weight between fifty to sixty pounds when full-grown and can stand between twelve to sixteen inches at the shoulder.

They have a stocky build and broad chest, making them a medium sized dog. They have a bowlegged appearance with a tail that is often curled. Coat colors for the English Bulldog range from liver, tan, black, white and a combination of colors.

This doesn't necessary mean that the dog isn't smart, rather it just means the dog is actually very smart and wants to think things all the way through before they act. Sadly the increase in popularity of the breed has led to some disreputable breeders that don't focus on the dog's temperament.

However, the popularity of the breed has sadly led to some disreputable breeds that don't focus on the dog's temperament. As a result the breed has seen an increase in aggression. This is why it is important that you buy your English Bulldog from a reputable breeder only and properly socialize them as a puppy.

Heat illness is a major health concern of the English Bulldog that you need to be aware of which happens when they are exposed to excessive heat and can't dissipate the heat quickly.

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