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Finding your Labrador puppy

Labrador's make for excellent pets. That is why more and more people prefer buying a Labrador puppy to any other breed of dog. They are a multi-talented bunch, well recognized for their versatility as well as adaptability. Unlike other breed of dogs, a Labrador puppy is not very whinny, not destructive, evenly tempered, playful but not aggressive, and they are very secure to the point of absolute confidence.

A pure bred Labrador puppy is talented and versatile. The best way to find a pure bred and healthy Labrador puppy is to go to a professional Labrador breeder. Even if you're not looking for a show dog, or a field dog, a good place to go is to a reputable Labrador breeder. Good quality Labradors do not come cheap, but steep prices do not indicate value either so you have to be responsible in gathering the right amount of information in order to be an informed buyer.

Labradors are such famous breeds, a Labrador puppy is easily available in pet stores and there are also a lot of breeders. But sorry to say, that numbers in this case may not be an advantage at all. Because of their popularity the Labrador breed of dog is often victimized my unscrupulous mass breeding farms that keep these dogs in appalling conditions.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's now tackle the harder part. How do you find a Labrador puppy that's for sale? Easy you may answer. There are a lot of pet store out there that sell Labrador puppies. Wrong again! Yes there are a lot of pet shops that sell a Labrador puppy, but the question is where do they get these puppies?

You will see this in the way a breeder selects the parents of a Labrador puppy. Before breeding, a well-informed breeder will pick parents that are even tempered, have good physical attributes, excellent genetics and as far related as possible.

Honest Labrador puppy breeders will keep their dogs in good living conditions and fed with healthy adequate food. A breeder will allow you to see his or her breeding facilities if you ask. As a potential owner you should ask for the registration and pedigree papers of the dog.

Do not be a victim, and do not victimize these animals by standing aside and even helping finance these atrocious mass commercial Labrador puppy breeders. Buy your dog from a responsible Labrador puppy breeder and you will never go wrong.  A responsible Labrador puppy breeder is someone who has the best interest of the dog at heart. A good breeder will not just sell you their puppies. They will assess whether you are capable of taking care and raising a Labrador puppy. Often times, some will even ask for a picture of your home, to see whether it is a favorable environment for Labrador puppies.

Labrador breeders of good standing will should be with you every step of the way and should your status, or standing change the breeder will also aid in finding a new home for the Labrador puppy. If you have any problem with your puppies, the breeder that is trustworthy will wholeheartedly accept the puppy back and give you a refund, or replace your puppy with a healthy one.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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