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Happiness is a safe Chihuahua puppy

For training and for your puppy's safety, only use Chihuahua puppy names that are sensible. They need to sound different from any command words, get the pup's attention and be two syllables or less. Chihuahua puppies are newborns and should be treated like a human newborn. They need constant supervision, their health checked several times a day and need to be fed a quality dog food, not people food. Feed Chihuahua puppies only dog or puppy food, as people food can give them a case of lethal diarrhea. It is far easier to voice train Chihuahua puppies than it is to train a human kid!

Watch out! The Chihuahua puppies are coming! Are you ready? Are you sure? Any puppy is a lifetime commitment, including a Chihuahua puppy, but no puppy will be as small as a Chihuahua. Because of their tiny size and their complete lack of fear, they will get into trouble that can get them killed. The good news is that all of these dangers are preventable.

Keep any toxic chemicals, cleansers, people medications or chocolate out of the reach of your new Chihuahua puppy. Get childproof locks for cabinets if you have to. If you keep plants indoors or outdoors, look them up to see if they are toxic. Just a nibble may be lethal for Chihuahua puppies. Get rid of any plant you are unsure of. Spray bitter apple or a dog chew deterrent on any electric wires that you can't move, cover or tape up onto a wall. This spray is available in any pet store.

You need to call your Chihuahua puppy away from potential dangers such as chocolate, cleansers, slug bait, other dogs, laundry machines and even a fall out of a window. Keep treats on you or a special little squeaky toy to reward your Chihuahua puppy for looking at you and then coming over to you. Never hit or yell at the pup after they have obeyed and come over – even if you feel like it. This will teach them that coming to your side will get them smacked or screamed at. Would you want to go near anyone who did that to you?

When Chihuahua puppies run free in the home, being stepped on by a human being can kill them. To prevent this just shuffle or scuff your feet across the floor, never picking them up. Open and close your doors really slowly to avoid a collision with the pup. Check underneath cushions before sitting down. This all becomes second nature after a couple of days.

If you bought your Chihuahua puppy from a breeder, you probably noticed the slow, shuffling walk they use, never picking their feet off of the floor. This is to prevent any accidental stepping on the Chihuahua puppies. For this reason, you should never get a Chihuahua puppy if you have a young, active child. Also, load your laundry one piece of clothing at a time to be sure the puppy did not mistake the laundry basket for a bed.

Chihuahua puppies are actually stronger than some other slim breeds of dogs, namely the Italian Greyhound. They are also one of the most intelligent breeds of dog and learn about house safety in a matter of weeks (as opposed to years in a human child). Teach your puppy his or her name as soon as possible. Keep any Chihuahua puppy names short, in case you have to call them away from any potential danger.

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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