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Pugs are about the most unique looking breed of dogs you will come across. It's pretty hard to mistake a purebred Pug or even a Pug mix for anything else. Pugs are basically miniature Mastiffs with Pekingese faces. They average about seventeen pounds and are built a lot like furry bricks with legs and extremely curly tails. They average about ten or eleven inches in height at the highest point of their shoulders (called the withers).

Pugs were reserved for the Imperial court of China, but through trade and wars eventually made their way to Europe, first through Holland. They were a common sight in European royal homes and thrones by the sixteenth century. Famous Pug owners include Josephine (Napoleon's wife); William, Prince of Orange in Holland who credits a warning from his Pug in saving him from an assassin. And English painter William Hogarth, who put his Pug "Trump" in several paintings.

PugMany black pet Pugs have small white patches on them. Look directly into the potential Pug's face. You should be turned into a puddle of warm goop inside. Pugs were bred to be cuter than nature intended a cute dog to be. They have big, lustrous black eyes, a button nose, a pushed in face with a nearly flat profile, and wrinkles all around the face. They have a slightly undershot bite and thin little semi-floppy ears. Due to the construction of their faces, they should make a lot more noise than the average dog.

Particularly during the first few years, Pugs have a tremendous amount of energy. They are often more difficult to train though, as they don't enjoy the training sessions because they get bored with them. They tend to be very rambunctious, but they are also very playful with a great sense of humor.Having so much energy it would make sense for them to enjoy walks. They do, but can't get much outdoor activity, as they have short noses and tend to have trouble breathing with excessive exercise. They are also very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

The Pugas we know it didn't come into being until the formation of a breed standard in the 1800's. Although Pugs had been longhaired, they now had to come in short haired coats in order to be shown. Pugs used to come in many different colors, but for some reason only three official colors are allowed in both the show rings of Europe and America. 

Pug information such as the breed standard will also be clear on recognizing a Pug by temperament as well as bodily features. Unless a Pug has been severely abused, they won't turn vicious. They are, for the most part, friendly, charming, very personable and get along with all kinds of species. They seem to thrive on being stared at and adored. Pugs will often seem to smile when they are pleased with how they have blessed the world with their presence.

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