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How to break down the different dog breed types

Of the approximately four hundred breeds of dog in the world, there are only 146 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Divided into sub groups, these groups are:

· Terriers

· Non-sporting

· Toys

· Sporting

· Working

· Hounds

· Herding

In the terrier group, some of the breeds of dog are American Staffordshire terrier, border terriers, bull terriers, fox terriers, and jack russell terriers. These breeds of dogs are usually competitive and determined. The fighting breeds, such as bull terriers and pit bulls, are assertive and fearless but they are trying to breed down their aggression. The vermin hunters such as jack Russel terriers are extremely fast.

In the non-sporting group, there is a huge diversity in origin, size and type of dogs. They bred many in the non-sporting groups to do specific jobs but because it is obsolete, they became companion dogs. The most popular are miniature and standard poodles. Some of the other dogs in the non-sporting group are chow chow, Dalmatian, American Eskimo, French bulldog, and Boston terrier.

The toy group consists of very small dogs that are wonderful companions. They are usually very affectionate pets and great for smaller homes and apartments. Some of the many dogs in the toy group are Boston terrier, cavalier King Charles spaniel, Chihuahua, Papillon, toy poodle and pug.

Dogs in the sporting group are alert and naturally active with remarkable instincts in the woods or water. Many sporting dogs still participate in field activities and hunting. These loyal, intelligent dogs require a lot of exercise. Some sporting dogs are the American water spaniel, Chesapeake Bay retriever, pointer, Irish water spaniel and Labrador retriever.

Working dogs do just that. They breed these dogs to do jobs such as water rescues, pulling dog sleds, avalanche rescue, smell out illegal drugs and guarding people or property. Saint Bernard dogs, Dobermans, boxers are just a few of many working dogs.

Dogs in the hound group are great hunters. Some use their intense sense of smell to trail their prey. Other hounds have tremendous stamina which shows when they run down their quarry. Some dogs in the hound group are beagles, black and tan coonhounds, American foxhound, and the bloodhound. Hounds have a very distinct howl that is not for everyone.

Dogs in the herding group have an uncanny ability to control sheep and other livestock by controlling their movements. Although most herding dogs are fabulous family pets, their herding instincts are still apparent when they try herding their owners, especially children. Along with herding, these dogs love playing, working, exercise, and easy to train. Herding dogs make fabulous companions and are quick at training exercises. Some herding dogs are the Australian cattle dog, Border collie, Belgian sheepdog, collie, Pembroke Welsh corgi, German shepherd and Shetland sheepdogs.

The advantage of getting a purebred dog is their predictable behavior but there are many wonderful mixed breeds dogs also. No matter which group of dog you consider for a pet always become knowledgeable before selecting a breed.

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