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How to pick among all the Yorkies for sale

Small dogs are all the rage for those that live the glamorous life. The smaller the dog, the more fashionable it seems. One of the breeds that have become so popular is Yorkshire Terriers.

But most Yorkies for sale come from inhumane puppy mills. Because of their small size and the demand for them, they are one of the more popular breeds found in these horrible places. Puppy mills are factory farms for dogs, which aren't given proper veterinary treatment, kept in stacked wire crates and are immediately shot, electrocuted or drowned when their short lives are used up in puppy making, which takes up a lot of energy. Those Yorkshire Terrier puppies don't sound quite so cute now, do they?

What about all of the Yorkies for sale now in pet stores or in website advertisements? How about those emails and online classified ads about Yorkshire Terrier puppies needing homes and all I have to pay for is the cost of transportation? All of those places should be avoided. Pet stores and Internet sites get their stick from inhumane puppy mills. Those emails and online classifieds offering free puppies is just a scam.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are one of the most favored "products" from puppy mills, which blight America, because of their small size and high price. The puppy mills supply all pet stores that offer Yorkies for sale.

Your best bet to find Yorkies for sale is with a Yorkshire Terrier rescue group. The puppies will usually be older at about six months of age or older, but they will still be cute, often be neutered and inoculated and training will have begun. That means less work for you, especially if this is your first puppy.

Yorkshire Terrier rescues often get older puppies because that's when the reality of caring for the puppy sets in. May people who buy them sadly haven't a clue about what Yorkshire Terrier puppy care is all about.

Most of the time, these dogs are abandoned through no fault of the dog. They are there because their previous owners did not take the time to learn basic Yorkshire Terrier puppy care.

They most likely bought the puppy on impulse, especially since they are so fashionable now, and didn't realize what they were getting into. There are even puppies as young as six months old are given up because of ignorance on the part of the owner. But adults are usually already neutered and (for the most part) housebroken. They need extensive grooming, which turns a lot of previous owners off.

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