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Hybird dogs, mixed breed dogs and purebreds

There have always been mixed breed dogs that vary in looks, character and size even when they come from the same family. Usually these dogs are referred to as "mutts" and they are much beloved. They typically have fantastic health and they make wonderful pets.

A mutt is a dog that is a result of an unfamiliar family tree. They are not of one individual breed and it is usually unknown if there parents are of purebred status. Mutts have an indefinite ancestry and a uncertain hereditary line.

A purebred on the other hand is a dog that has two parents that are mutually of the same kind. Lots of times there are extensive records of the genetics of these dogs and breeders are very prudent in their reproduction techniques to make sure that they turn out the strongest inherited tendencies.

Some people may have a preference to have a mixed breed or a mutt for a pet as they habitually have great health and they make wonderful pets while others may have a preference to have a purebred dog. Still, there is one more choice that can be considered and that is the hybrid dog or the "designer dogs".

A hybrid or designer dog is a dog that has two purebred parents from two distinct breeds. They are different from a mutt in that their heredity is established. The parents of the dog have a individual hereditary line that can be confirmed.

Hybrid dogs are becoming quite the craze these days. You see them everywhere from movies to dog shows. These dogs tend to have the best distinctiveness from each of the breeds and typically a good blend of both breeds.

These designer dogs usually have fun names that are a mix of the two breed names such as puggle, for a pug and beagle mix, poogle for a poodle and pug mix, cockapoo for a cocker poodle mix, goldendoodle, which is a golden retriever and poodle mix and the list goes on and on.

A hybrid dog can be a great pet and if you cannot make your mind up on a individual breed a hybrid may be a wonderful pet for you. They are usually the best of the two breeds and they are likely to possess better health than the average purebred. They have distinctiveness from both breeds and they are usually very appealing and enjoyable dogs to own!

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