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Important information about Shar Pei puppies

The Shar Pei breed started in China around 200 B.C. It is easily recognizable by its wrinkled face and short ears. They started as a farm dog and then began to be used as a fighting dog. Although bright and willful, Shar Pei puppies do require consistent training. However, they are extremely loyal to their family while being aloof with strangers.

It is important that you choose the right Shar Pei puppy if you are going to add one to your household. When choosing a Shar Pei the first thing you must do is consider whether or not the breed is right for your household. The Shar Pei is likely a good choice for you if you want a watchdog that is protective and loyal since they are standoffish with strangers. The Shar Pei is also a good option if you have children or cats in your household since the Shar Pei will do well with both if they are socialized at an early age. It is important that you always remember that the Shar Pei can be aggressive around other dogs.

The breed is also a good choice for those with children or cats since the Shar Pei does well with both as long as it is socialized from an early age. Just always remember that the Shar Pei is aggressive around other dogs.

It is also important that you give some thought to the health conditions that can affect Shar Pei puppies. Some of these conditions include entropion, familial Shar Pei fever, ear problems and allergies. Occasionally a dog with familial Shar Pei fever will eventually develop kidney failure as a result of anyloidosis.

You also want to consider some of the health conditions that are specific to Shar Pei puppies. A few of the more serious conditions include entropion, familial Shar Pei fever, ear problems and allergies. Some dogs with familial Shar Pei will develop anyloidosis, which can eventually cause kidney failure. You should ask the person who you are getting your Shar Pei puppy from whether or not they have been screened for health problems specific to the breed. If not then you may soon see expensive medical bills and decrease your dog's quality of life.

You should consider your Shar Pei breeder just as carefully as you consider the Shar Pei puppies. Ask the breeder if they are members of breed clubs, specialty clubs or obedience clubs. Be sure to check with the clubs after you have received the references from the breeder. If you don't check you will run the risk of getting stuck with a breeder that is running a puppy mill. Going with a reputable breeder means the person has carefully screened their dogs for all health problems before starting breeding.

Before choosing a Shar Pei you should be prepared for how they will turn out. The Shar Pei will eventually grow to being about eighteen to twenty inches tall and have a weight between forty and fifty-five pounds when they reach maturity. A Shar Pei will typically live about ten years.

A Shar Pei will usually live about ten years. For a pure bred Shar Pei from a reputable breeder you will likely pay about three hundred to five hundred dollars. After carefully considering these things you will know whether or not a Shar Pei puppy is right for your household.

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