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Information and history: Beagle rescue

This article concerns the issue of beagle rescue. Before that topic is addressed, it is important to know a little bit about this breed of dog. The beagle dog breed dates back historically to 19th century England. The breed was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1885. Since that time the beagle has gained popularity.

These sturdy dogs have always been known as excellent hunting dogs. They are also known for their independent spirit and loving temperament. Beagles have an excellent sense of smell and a natural affinity for the chase. These dogs are also good family pets. The breed gets along well with most other breeds of dog but may not take to the family cat so readily unless socialized with cats and/or other species from birth.

Beagles have attractive physical characteristics; they have short, sleek fur, a sturdy body structure, and brown eyes with a characteristically sad expression. Beagles may be tri-colored in varying shades such as black/white/orange or black/white/yellow. Their attractive physical as well as personality traits make beagles very desirable pets.

Unfortunately, whenever a breed is popular, there are illegitimate breeders willing to make a profit with little regard for the conditions in which animals are kept. Many purebred dogs such as beagles are raised in puppy mills. These are environments in which the animals are housed in cages, fed, bred, and left alone and neglected until they are sold. Beagle rescue has become the focus of many supporters of the breed.

Members of beagle rescue centers work to save purebred beagles from a life spent in a puppy mill or from ending up in an animal shelter where they will be euthanized.

Beagle rescues have been created to save purebred beagles from both the neglectful puppy mills and the impulsive owners who end up abandoning their beagle once it is no longer a cute, little puppy. Rescue centers work to re-socialize animals in their care and work toward fostering and adopting the animals out to good homes.

How do you raise a rescued beagle? There are many resources of beagle information online and available in book form. The most important place to start is by following the guidelines of the beagle rescue center. Most rescue centers have already begun the process of socializing the beagle. Many centers also have strict adoption criteria and matching procedures to ensure the rescue is placed in the appropriate home for its size and temperament.

Knowing the personality traits, medical needs, grooming and exercise needs and other quirks of your beagle is essential in making him/her happy. Third, understand that the beagle has undergone trauma and may be skittish or shy in the beginning.

Some or all of these behaviors will resolve with time and positive reinforcement. Creating a schedule and setting boundaries are as important in making your rescue feel secure as treating him/her with patience and love. Finally, keep in contact with the rescue center for advice and additional resources and discuss any behavioral issues as they occur.

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