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Interesting Dachshund facts

Probably the most strangely shaped dog in the Hound category is the German Dachshund. The Germans developed this odd little dog to hunt badgers, where his long body and short legs helped him with the task. Consider these fascinating Dachshund facts:

The Dachshund has a long body with short legs and is a part of the AKC hound group. Wirehaired, shorthaired, space and long haired are the three different varieties that are available. The Dachshund also comes in three different sizes that can be found in each variety.

This short legged but muscular German Dachshund has an elongated body. With a convex skull and protruding eyebrows, the head is also elongated. He has a friendly and energetic expression with oval eyes that are dark - either brown, black or even red. He has muscular and strong jaws. Long ears that hang down and the tail is carried straight up in line with the back.

The AKC determines Dachshund facts when it comes to height and weight. Standard size is defined as 14-18 inches, and the average weight is set at 20 pounds. Dwarf or miniature size is 14 inches or less, and average weight is about 9 pounds. The toy version is under a foot in height, and weighs approximately 8 pounds.

Dachshunds come in two color patterns, solid or bi colored. The solids are a yellow or tan color while the bi coloreds tend to have bright chestnut coat with black, brown or gray markings. On top of this, there are harlequin and piebald varieties.

Dachshunds are lovable and loyal, but because of their headstrong nature they are difficult to teach. They are a little naughty and are very enthusiastic about digging holes in your courtyard. Some people consider the long-haired as a quiet one and the wire-haired one as the extrovert and entertainer.

Dachshunds put on weight very easily and their propensity towards laziness can cause health problems. Heart disease, diabetes, urinary tract infections and disc problem in the spine are the common problems found in this breed.

The short-haired German Dachshunds require only less brushing and need to be rubbed occasionally with a grooming cloth only. The long-haired ones should be brushed daily and the wire-haired should be taken to a professional twice a year to get it tidy.

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