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Introducing the American Bandogge Mastiff

The American Bandogge Mastiff is a wonderful dog full of life and wonderful to have as a guard dog and family pet!  The breeder who started this evolution of mastiffs is John Swinford and then another one also assisted in getting this breed going, and his name is Joe Lucero.Of course, there are several different varieties in the breed, such as cross breeding an English mastiff with the American pit bull. The closer to the original initial breed is the most stable. This particular breed is well known for its muscular and athletic look. Naturally, he inherits that from his pitbull bloodline. There is also a variety of color patterns that you may notice within this brilliant breed. Some of the colors may consist of tawny, blue, black, and red. However, for the most part, this dog is black brindle.

American Bandogge Mastiff This dog is extremely easy to train and is very obedient. He is well known for his calm temperament. Weighing in on average of about one hundred to one hundred forty pounds, he is also a very confident dog. These dogs are bred to protect but the demeanor of this protector is quiet. The American Bandogge mastiff is also considered to be highly intelligent and a very good guard dog. The only thing with this dog is that when he is in the process of guarding the territory, he doesn't like to bark. It is kind of hard to be a watchdog without barking. I am sure it has its advantages and disadvantages. I don't think that I would want this huge dog sneaking up on me if I were in the process of robbing its home.

Exceptionally obedient, Bandogges take naturally to training and are renowned for their calm, even tempers. Given their size, an inheritance from the mastiff side of the family, these dogs also have the confidence to spare. They are naturals at guard duty, but they're also calm, gentle, and highly intelligent however, they rarely bark, even at an intruder. However, it's hard to imagine any burglar wanting to try their luck again if they're surprised in the act by a dog that can reach weights of nearly 150 pounds!

Being the large dog that they are, they are also very active and love to exercise. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. They definitely will need to go on a regular walk, especially if they are confined to a house all day long while you are at work. It doesn't take too long to get attached to these 'Silent Peacekeepers'. They attach quickly to their owners and family and can become quite aggressive when provoked. They are very good with children. They stand to be confident. They are an extremely obedient breed.

Like other large breeds, a Bandogge likes to get plenty of exercise and has lots of energy for running and playtime, and is always game for a good long walk. You'll want to give them a couple of daily walks and any other outdoor activity time you can spare. These lovable animals form close bonds with your family and any other pets in the household quickly and are extremely loyal. Their friendly, playful nature and calm temperaments make these gentle giants one of the very best breeds for families with children too! American Bandogge Mastiffs can sometimes have slightly dry skin, but they are an all-around low maintenance pet where grooming is concerned. Their short coats are easy to brush and keep looking their best.

There you have it, an all-American, well-rounded dog. A family-friendly, one hundred forty pound, pound gentle giant. He will ease up on an intruder without a sound, yet go hysterical when his loving family is away. Wonderful with kids that will most definitely defend their own. Not to mention he is easy to groom with his short hair. However, he may also have dry skin. This is a brand new breed that has only been around for about forty years and continues to thrive, today. If you can live with a huge dog and a few slobbery kisses and love, then the American Bandogge may just be the right dog for you!

Let is know in the comment below if you have an American Bandogge Mastiff or are planning to get one.  Why are you interested in one, is this your first one or do you have experience with them before.  Any advice or help you can share with others who may be contemplating getting one would be really helpful.


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