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Labrador Retriever: A sweet and gentle disposition; Excellent and efficient skills and talents

When you hear the name or see the remarkable creature Labrador Retriever, you can't help but agree to the distinctions given to them as being gentle, friendly, family- oriented, trustworthy and intelligent. They are in fact one of America's most favorite pets according to the American Kennel Club and everybody can agree to this. This breed is wonderfully pleasant, kind-looking, and gentle in temperament that you will probably make them your favorite dog the instant you meet them.

The Labrador Retriever is a native of Newfoundland Canada but because of its pleasant and very agreeable disposition, it quickly gained popularity not only in the US but around the world as well. Fondly called the "Lab", this dog is originally bred in order to have a quality and reliable companion for the fishermen and hunters. On the icy waters of the region, this dog vigorously helps in pulling in of nets and catching stray fishes on the boat; in hunting, they are an excellent and durable game retriever that fearlessly swims the freezing waters.

Today, the Lab is not merely limited to the hunting job anymore because even inside the homes of delicate and active families, they are welcomed, sheltered, and hailed as a magnificent pet. Labs perfectly epitomizes the loving and fun pet image of almost every family for they are playful, energetic, stable- tempered, affectionate, naturally sweet and eager to please. With friends, strangers, and other animals; they are equably friendly and will interact harmoniously.

This breed is kind-hearted, amiable, and very easy to train; their sweet disposition makes them supremely lovable and you won't be able to help but make them your favorite. They have an excellent level of intelligence and have an affectionate heart that allows them to be naturally tractable making them inarguable in obedience and reliability. It doesn't matter whether you tag this breed along in hunting, at play, or at competitions; you can always expect them to be docile and very capable and this has been proven by thousands of Labrador Retriever owners all over the world to be true.

There are three standard coat colors for Labrador Retriever namely yellow, chocolate and black; other imperfections, mottles, or even combinations of the three standard colors are considered for penalizing by the kennel clubs. The fluff is very short and fairly dense and this makes it a little less soft to the touch; there is also an inner coat and outer coat that helps protect them from weather and water. Because of the composition of their coat, the Labs are able to withstand extreme cold conditions, are able to swim through freezing waters, and protect themselves against any conditions of the ground.

Labs are also perfect as playmates to children and parents don't have to worry as much when the children is at play with them; this breed is inherently playful, gentle, friendly, and naturally affectionate and kind and so they are not likely to be hostile towards persistent and tireless children. As a housedog, the Lab is reliable and extremely loyal and will make a good watch dog but as a guard dog, they are not as excellent. During hunting, Labs are truly retrievers; they redeem shot games and swim across unforgiving waters in able to do their part as a hunting companion to their masters.

This breed's talents and skills, however, are not only confined within the limits of the family household and activities. Labrador Retrievers are considered dogs of high intelligence, high trainability, and of supreme trustworthiness that they are made to perform tasks more critical than just retrieving and competitive obedience shows. Aside from being a house pet, the Labs are also used for police work, narcotics detection, and guide for the blind, service dog for the disabled, search and rescue, sledding, and carting.

Every pet, no matter how docile or stubborn they are, needs an effective master in order for them to be the best that they can be. As for the Labs, a steady and firm hand that teaches and guides them are what it takes so they can be trained and honed to be better pets. The owner then, having a great pet such as the Lab must possess the qualities of a good leader and by saying so he must take control over the life and activities of the Labrador Retriever.

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