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Learning about the different Yorkshire Terrier types

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world, and for good reason. They are small, kind and very loyal. It is important to realize however, that there are actually a few different Yorkshire Terrier types that you can choose from. Of all the Yorkshire Terrier types, the miniature Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular.

People love these dogs because they are so small and adorable. The Yorkie already is a very petite and fragile dog, but miniaturized Yorkies are even smaller, if you can believe it. Miniature Yorkshire Terriers are known to be very mischievous, but you should know that you can deal with this by implementing proper obedience training.

Both Yorkshire Terrier types are mischievous and energetic. They are very loving, kind, and loyal, and even great to have around the kids which is very important because there are few types of dogs that do not pose any danger to children. They also tend to be quite dominant and stubborn, which can pose problems when you are trying to train them.

There are two Yorkshire Terrier types that are really recognizable, and this is the miniature Yorkshire Terrier and the standard Yorkshire Terrier. Obviously the standard is the regular Yorkie that you are used to seeing while the miniature Yorkie is a miniaturized version of this dog.

Then there is also the fact that the miniature Yorkies tend to be a lot more hyper and energetic, and so you will have to be willing to put up with the spunkiness if you get a miniature Yorkshire Terrier. You can speak to your veterinarian to get more information on this if you like, as you will be able to become more educated this way and therefore be able to make the most informed decision in terms of which type of Yorkshire Terrier you should get.

The bottom line is that although the miniature Yorkshire Terrier is basically just the same dog but a miniaturized version, there are still some differences that you are going to want to be aware of. The different colors of the Yorkies are particularly important to be aware of, and although you are most likely used to see the Yorkie in steel blue and tan you can also find them in golden brown and off white colors as well.

You should always put serious care into the process of choosing a dog, and the same applies when you are trying to decide between the different Yorkshire Terrier types. Once you have determined the specific type of Yorkshire Terrier you are interested in, the next step is to find out where you can go to get one. Keep in mind though that an AKC Yorkshire Terrier, registered by the American Kennel Club, must meet exacting standards in order to compete. If you really want a show quality dog you need to find a breeder that follows the AKC guidelines.

Remember that before you purchase a Yorkshire Terrier of any sort, you want to make sure that you are aware of all the requirements that are called for here. You are going to need to get the dog the right vaccinations, and become educated on their medical history and breed origin. Ask the breeders any questions that you may have, as any good breeder will be more than willing to provide you with all of the information you are looking for.

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