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Locating Boston Terrier breeders

The first Boston Terrier breeder was Robert C. Hopper. This gentleman bought a dog bred from an Old English Bulldog and an English White Terrier. He bred the smallest of this dog's puppies with both English and French Bulldogs. The result was the small, muscular, affectionate and companionable Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are much more closely related to their Bulldog ancestors than the Terrier. They have been referred to by many names including Roundhead, Bull Terrier, Boston Bull and American Gentleman.

The name Roundhead was undesirable for obvious reasons. The name Bull Terrier was already taken by a similar but separate breed. The breed is still referred to as the Boston Bull and American Gentleman though it is registered by the American Kennel Club in the non-sporting group under its traditional name, the Boston Terrier. The breed no longer retains any of the aggressive traits of the Bulldog line and is mainly used as a companion dog.

The American Gentleman, as the Boston Terrier is also known, has a dapper appearance. It is an overall sleek, sturdy dog with a short, fine coat that has markings similar to that of a man's tuxedo. Boston Terriers come in several dark colors with uniform white markings. Coats can be brindle and white, brown and white or black and white. The coat is white on the muzzle, between the eyes, on the chest, in a band (or collar) around the neck, and up the forelegs.

The Boston Terrier is often referred to as the American Gentleman. This moniker reflects its American ancestry and refers to the breed's dapper coat markings, which give it the appearance of wearing a tuxedo and tails. Boston Terriers are robust, sleek, study dogs with compact frames. They have short, shiny coats that come in several colors with uniform markings.

Coat colors can be brindle and white, seal and white, brown and white, or black and white. The white portion of the coat appears on the muzzle, between the eyes, on the chest, in a band (or collar) around the neck, and up the forelegs. This breed truly does have the appearance and smart carriage of a gentleman and this has made it a favorite in American Kennel Club and other competitions.

This breed is very sensitive to tone of voice so positive reinforcement in the form of praise in a gentle vocal tone encourages good behavior. This is especially important when housebreaking since Boston Terriers can be stubborn and willful in this area.

Buyers need to ask themselves whether they can provide for all the needs of a Boston Terrier. It is important that both buyer and breeder match the potential dog owner with the appropriate puppy so that the Boston Terrier can be placed in a loving, permanent home.

Potential breeders and buyers need to have available time particularly in raising litters of puppies. Questions asked of established Boston Terrier breeders should include the history and background of the breed, how to care, train, maintain and discipline Boston Terriers. Common genetic disorders, required screenings and vaccinations and pedigree and ancestry information should also be offered by a good breeder. Potential dog buyers should expect to be interviewed by the Boston Terrier breeder. Good breeders will ensure that their puppies will go to appropriate, loving homes.

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