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Looking after a Chihuahua pup

Puppies can be a lot of fun and the toy breeds can especially be a lot of fun. But there are things you should know and things you should be aware of when you are raising your Chihuahua pup that can help you make your life easier and the pup's life easier too. Always be aware of your pup and continually do research on ways to improve your pup's life, the things you can do to improve it's behavior and also ways help improve the interaction between yourself and your dog.

Rule number one is that Chihuahuas are not good with kids, so do not get a Chihuahua if you have small children. Chihuahuas do not react well to loud noises, a lot of commotion, and the fast movement that children do on a daily basis. These kinds of things can stress a Chihuahua out and cause it to possibly resort to a biting response and constant barking that will never go away. So be smart and avoid a Chihuahua if you have kids.

A Chihuahua pup's personality naturally tends to be very possessive and take protecting it's own area and possessions very seriously. It is cute to watch a little puppy snarl and bark to protect what it considers to be its property but that kind of behavior can grow into something not so cute anymore. Always let the Chihuahua know that it has no reason to be defensive and when it decides that something belongs to it then you may want to leave it at that depending, of course, on what the object is.

Chihuahuas are very small and fragile dogs and cannot be as active as other breeds of dogs are and for that reason you will want to avoid things like picking your dog up a lot or letting it get on to high places. Something a simple as a leap from the couch to the floor could cause the dog's bones to break so be certain that you keep your Chihuahua from climbing too much and also be careful where you sit because they love to curl up under blankets for warmth.

Expect a very frustrating and long battle when it comes to housebreaking your Chihuahua pup. The Chihuahua just does not like going outside into the elements and if it is windy, rainy, or cold out then your pup is just not going to want to go outside to do anything, much less relieve itself. So you are going to have to start the long and frustrating battle known as housebreaking and there are a lot of methods to use and you will probably try them all before you are done.

A Chihuahua pup is a very cute little dog but they also have a lot of things about them that every owner needs to know. Take the time to look up the facts about your dog and also take a lot of time reading up on how to train your dog. If you got your dog from a breeder than be sure to ask them for advice as well because every little bit helps.

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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