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Managing the aggressive Bulldog

Regardless of your type of Bulldog many Bulldog problems can be solved with training. However, as with many unique breeds such as the Bulldog, there are several hurdles the owner must overcome in order to train the dog. Stubbornness is the biggest Bulldog problem that you will endure. A lot of patience is required to train your Bulldog. The Bulldog is a low maintenance pet. He is short haired, stocky and short and has short little ears. His sole purpose in life is to become a lovable companion. His grooming is very easy, but his training from day one will be a dire test of patience.

Bulldogs are very stubborn dogs. Ownership of a Bulldog, as with all dogs, should be carefully considered and the commitment made only with the full understanding that you will encounter Bulldog training difficulties. Starting at a very early age to train these dogs is the best path to success, but you must be a very patient person.

Training for Bulldogs should begin when the dog is a very young puppy with the goal of establishing you as the master of his or her kingdom. Potty training is the first Bulldog problem you will have to overcome and a consistent feeding schedule, play schedule and a good crate is the answer to this Bulldog problem. Once your Bulldog puppy is potty trained, then it is time to immediately begin his obedience training.

This training is considered the biggest of the Bulldog problems to overcome simply because the Bulldog is very stubborn. But training your Bulldog will provide you with a way to avoid problems with your Bulldog in the long run. Through acknowledging your dominance, even a strong independent dog like a Bulldog can be controlled. Consistency, supervision and patience are the key to training your Bulldog. Providing a regular training routine daily will help your dog realize what is expected of him.

Pet stores normally have training classes for dogs, Bulldogs in particular. But these classes alone will not break through your dog's stubbornness. You must keep him on a daily regimen of walking and training several times a day, seven days a week in order for him to adhere to your obedience commands. Pet stores all provide obedience training classes for dogs which are a good start for your stubborn companion. But your daily routine is what will make the dog your own.

Bulldogs only want to walk next to their masters and sit on their laps. They love their owners faithfully and even though they are stubborn dogs, once you have conquered their obedience training, your life together will be an easy one.

If stubbornness were the only problem that most dogs have, then the world would not have many dog problems at all. It takes a lot of love and patience to train and overcome Bulldog problems, but in the end you will have a very happy companion and master.

Your Bulldog will be committed to you and stay by your side faithfully. The Bulldog is truly man's best friend once his stubbornness is understood and tamed.

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