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Pit Bull Terrier: A must-have pet

A Pit bull refers to the dog breed that belongs to the Molosser family. There are three specific types under pit bull family: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier which is also known as Amstaff, and the most popular American Pit bull Terrier or APBT. Even other breeds that are produced from mating a pit bull and other breed type are also called pit bulls which should not be.

The popularity of dog fighting events has also made the pit bull gain media popularity since they are always associated with each other. This reality has made the animal lovers more specifically the dog lovers become upset. But with the efforts made by the owners and breeders to stop such inhuman treatment with the pit bulls, bad publicity has declined.

Because of the dogs outstanding loyalty to whoever its owner is, it has become one of the most favored pet to own. Pit bulls generally have controlled temperament and friendly so they are dubbed as great pets. This fact, however, is agreed by owners of such breed type anywhere in the world; the dog is naturally loving, intelligent and protective of the owners family.

The dogs sturdiness and smartness lead people to think that it is ideal for animal fighting events such as dog fighting"like in the past. It is in dog-fighting scenes that this dog breed has gained media popularity. Dog lovers from different country have united in achieving one goal; that is to put an end to such cruel entertainment.

The best time to own a pit bull pet is when it is still a puppy. Older pit bull dogs are quite hard to train and control their temperament. Puppies are generally easy to train for tricks and certain tasks and are tolerant to wherever they live till growing up into adults.

Pit bulls usually love warmer climate because of their quite short coats. Usually, this breed types size range from 25 to 105 pounds. Fifty-five pound pit bulls are the most common size.

Having a pit bull terrier can be a lot easier when you have it when it is still a puppy since they can still be easily trained. Puppies are a lot tolerant and can easily adapt with their owners environment as compared to grown ups. And with the proper care and training, they can be the best dog one can ever have.

Interesting information about pit bull is that it is the only breed type that appeared three times on the cover of Life Magazine. Pit bull terrier also carries national value in the history of World War 1 in the US. Pit bull was even made famous in history through Sergeant Stubby who was an American Pit Bull Terrier mascot, and also got several medals of recognition during such time.

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