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Pomeranian puppies: Toy dogs

One of the many adorable toy breeds is the Pomeranian. These small dogs are members of the Spitz group. The ancestors of the Pomeranian were sled dogs originating in and around Iceland. In the late 1800s some of these larger, hardier sled dogs were bred down to toy size. Pomeranians, which were bred down from the German Spitz, are one example.

Pomeranian puppies have either doll-like or fox-like faces. They have a double coat of thick, full fur. The fur may be one color such as sable or white, or multi-colored (parti-colored). A Pomeranian puppy will only grow to an adult size of eight to eleven inches in height and three to seven pounds in weight. The inverted-triangle shaped head and pointed ears contribute to the foxy look of this breed.

Adult Pomeranians, or Pomeranians, grow to be three to seven pounds and eight to eleven inches tall. Pomeranians have big personalities. The Pomeranian is known to be affectionate, energetic, demanding, snappish and even high maintenance. Though they do well with older children, Pomeranians are not good with small children.

The demanding, high maintenance personality inherent in the Pomeranian requires that owners provide Pomeranian puppies with discipline early on. Buyers of Pomeranian puppies should only buy from reputable breeders who maintain their own kennels and provide stimulation, socialization and training to the puppies they sell. It is never appropriate to buy any dog from a pet store. Pet stores receive shipments of animals just like any other merchandise and puppies do not receive adequate care and attention like they do when whelped and raised by a breeder.

A breeder will already have given the Pomeranian puppy a foundation of social skills and training. Breeders will usually allow buyers to visit the kennel and even the mother of Pomeranian puppies. A purebred Pomeranian puppy should always have proper registration papers and a clean bill of health.

Purebred Pomeranian puppies are desirable particularly if they have champion lineage. A Pomeranian puppy sired by a champion like "MACH3 Lord Peter of Bristol Court" (aka Keoki) will fetch a much higher price than a puppy with lesser parentage. Many buyers want to continue those winning traits in their Pomeranian puppy and its future litters.

Owners of a purebred Pomeranian puppy often give them show names if they plan to have their dogs compete. Many reflect the puppy's sire or dam name. Show names are very different from the true names owners give their dogs for use at home. For example, one champion Pomeranian's show name is "Kalo's Rock and Music City". This dog's actual name is "Nash".

Of course, dogs that will be registered for competition need "show names". These are usually several words in length and much more professional sounding than Buddy or Lady (though the Best in Show's aka is probably Max or Mimi). Examples of real competition Pomeranian names are "Southland's Black Tie N Tails" and "Dimonde Flynn's Cover Girl".

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