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Pug dog health problems

If you are going to own a Pug, make sure to read up on the type of Pug dog health care that the dog breed requires. A breed that has been around man for thousands of years, the Pug was finally recognized officially as an AKC Toy breed in 1885. Curly tails, thickset bodies, and flat wrinkly face are all distinguishable traits of a Pug.

Pug's are not hard to recognize, as they have a wrinkly and flat face, a curly tail, and a thick little body. Pugs typically weigh from 13 to 20 pounds and are usually 10 to 14 inches in height. There is no denying the adorable nature of these small dogs, but their size and skin often lead to very unique health concerns that an owner has to be aware of.

One of the most common health problems for the breed is infection between the many folds of skin, and this is one that should be looked after by a veterinarian if it develops. You should bathe and clean your pet regularly - particularly making sure you clean in between the wrinkles, removing any dirt or debris because that can cause bacteria build up (which could lead to infection).

The breed's eyes are another major area of Pug dog health. The design of the Pug's face means that the eyes are not protected as well as they could be, and are therefore prone to injury, among other problems. Regularly checking should alert you to any immediate inflammation in the eye, which is a sign to get your dog to the vet right away.

Eating too much food is a problem which plagues many Pugs. Obesity is as detrimental to dogs as it is to humans, so you should definitely make sure your dog's food intake keeps him at a healthy weight. Pugs do not handle heat well, and should never be left in a locked car or left in the sun outside without shade. Never leave the breed in high heat for very long, because this will cause the dog to have difficulty in breathing.

The key to good pug dog health is taking proper care of the dog and taking him to regular vet visits. These adorable little dogs will provide many years of happiness for the companions that take care of them responsible.

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