Small dog breeds need special care

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Owning a small dog really isn't that much different to owning a large one. Having said that, there are certain points they need to be made aware of when looking after a small dog. Consider the following daily dog care routines, and how they're adapted to meet the needs of your pint-sized pup. 

What are you going to feed your dog? 

Of course eating is the most obvious daily activity but the average kibble available from the grocery may be over-sized for your dog. You have to ensure that the kibble is convenient to be used by his minute mouth and these are easily procurable among some of the premium brands of dog food. It is also recommended to offer the Lilliputian canines some canned soft foods.

Where they will stay - safely: 

It is easy for them to run around and go to the toilet outside providing the area is secure isn't it? However, fencing used to contain a larger dog may have spaces below or in between for the smaller dog to pass through and escape. Another problem is safety from above because it has been known for large birds of prey to swop down and carry of tiny dogs without any problem whatsoever. Hence, get your pet a kennel which is covered on the top for the right protection.

Dog training: 

Though teaching larger dogs is as easy or as hard as their tinier counterparts, according to pet experts, it is common to find the diminutive canines are thoroughly smothered to be taught any discipline. No matter if he fits in a purse or a pocket, your small dog still sees the world in terms of pack behavior, and if you're not leading the pack, he is. It is important to remember that the pet must under any circumstances be house trained even if the confusion looks small and it really does not matter. To make the dog obey your commands, dog experts recommend that the dog must be made to work for you. for a small reward or treat.


Small dogs have some particular requirements when it comes to grooming you need to bear in mind. One such specific need for a minuscule pet is that he needs more frequent nail trimming than his larger counterpart since he hardly walks or runs on uneven surfaces which would have naturally shaped up his nails. As they are eating more canned food, their teeth will need to be brushed more regularly (at least twice per week) to eliminate unwanted and harmful deposits. As you can see, small dog care largely follows the same route as care for any other sized dog. The differences may seem like minor details, but paying attention to them can make a big impact when it comes to meeting your pet's special needs.

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