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The Golden Retriever puppy

Before you get Golden Retriever puppies it is important to consider whether or not they are the right breed of dog for you. The Golden Retriever is right for you if you want a large and athletic dog, a dog that has a nature to be cheerful with their tail-wagging most of the time or a dog that requires vigorous exercise and various athletic activities.

If you have other animals you want your dog to get along with or if you want a dog that will be eager to please you and therefore quite responsive to training a Golden Retriever is for you. For certain people these are factors that will attract them to the breed and for others they can also be factors that will turn them away from the breed. Before deciding whether or not a Golden Retriever puppy is right for you based on the above factors you also need to consider some negative points.

Up until the puppies turn about three years old they will be very vigorous. This means they will romp and jump, often sending things and sometimes people flying. This is why Golden Retriever puppies may not be best for households with small children, the elderly or the infirmed. If you still like the idea of a Golden but have someone like this in your household then you can consider getting an older Golden Retriever rather than a young puppy since the temptation to play roughly is too great for most puppies.

Separation anxiety is another issue to consider. Golden Retriever puppies will experience this more than other breeds so they will need a lot of companionship and cannot be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. If you leave them alone too long then they will express their unhappiness through various destructive acts that can include barking and chewing. So if you can't be home with your dog during the day this breed is likely not right for you.

Lastly you should consider the issue of shedding and odor. The Golden Retriever sheds a lot, more so than other breeds, to the point that the fur will even come off on your hands when you pet them. The fur will then stick like glue to everything including clothing, upholstery and carpeting.

Also Golden Retrievers almost always have the permanent dog odor that many people do not like. Even with constant bathing is can be difficult to get rid of this smell with Golden Retrievers.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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