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The Lion dog? The Shih Tzu

You will know the Shih Tzu dog by many names ? The Pekinese, The Lion Dog, The Chrysanthemum dog and so on. The name 'Pekinese' was given to this dog because it was first found in Peking when monks gifted this breed of dogs to the Emperor of China way back in the 17th Century. 'A rose by any name would smell as sweet' ? as Shakespeare said ? no matter what name you use for this dog you will find it a very sweet and friendly dog.

The Shih Tzu loves to be the center of attraction and hate to share the limelight with anyone. They feel much neglected when children are indulged in their presence. Though they are basically very lovable and calm, they tend to show a tendency of jealousy and latent aggressiveness when attention is shifted from them to anyone else.

The Shih Tzu needs very little from you other than love. To keep your Shih Tzu happy, allow it to sleep on your lap, pamper it as often as you can and talk to it all the time. Grooming this dog needs special attention because of its long coat. You need to have it brushed with a hard brush to prevent matting of hair and remove the dust that accumulates on it. You need two separate types of combs ? one long toothed for the overall coat on the body and another shorter and denser for the hair around the face and feet.

Have the nails checked and cut regularly as these dogs tend to grow long nails for lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. In case you are not comfortable with the cutting of nails at home, visit your vet periodically to get the job done. This should be done as often as necessary.

People who live with Shih Tzus find these dogs completely adorable. They have a lot of spunk for their size and they carry themselves with great dignity and aplomb. This is one reason why many people call them royal dogs.

They indeed look like royalty when they move around. Temperamentally, the Shih Tzu is very warm and happy type of dog. They hanker for attention and hate it when it is stolen from them. This is one reason why these dogs do not live too well with small children, as they tend to consider them competition for the owner's love and can become aggressive.

Overall the Shih Tzu breed makes for extremely sweet pets that bring joy and happiness wherever they go. You need to keep one thing in mind when you bring home a Shih Tzu dog ? they need your love more than anything else ? and if you cannot give it to them by being there for them, it is better to choose another breed of dogs.

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