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Things to know about the hybrid Cockapoo

Whoever sees the minute, lively and fluffy Cockapoo will definitely fall in love with it. With familiar long ears or fluffy and curly locks, no one can deny the charm of this breed. Thanks to the existence of the cuddly Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, the world today is able to enjoy this tiny breed.

The Cockapoo is a first degree hybrid, unlike presumptions of many that it is a purebred. First degree means that it is the direct result of cross breeding a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. In Australia, they call this breed Spoodles and in Sweden, it is called Cockerpoo.

Unlike most new hybrids, the Cockapoo was actually first developed in the United Stated in 1950. After which, its popularity grew all throughout the country and other parts of the world. There are several existing clubs for this breed today and there are 3 active ones in the US.

Cockapoos are born by cross breeding either the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel or a Cockapoo and another Cockapoo. Fanciers of this breed work hard to stabilize this breed in terms of constant breeding of the later generation Cockapoos until such time they reach a stable appearance and temperament. Clubs in the US that promote this mission want the breeders to document the process and results of their breeding in order to have a basis once the breed has to have its standard .

It is normal for hybrids to have an unstable characteristic in terms of appearance and temperament. For the Cockapoo, some may sometimes look like a Poodle or some may look like a spaniel. There is no specific height or weight for Cockapoos because breeders tend to use different sizes of Poodles as there are toy poodles and miniature poodles.

The colors of this breed may come out in different shades of tan, beige, red or brown. Some may also appear in solid colors such as black, white, cream, silver or red. Most Cockapoos come out with a mixture of more than one color with complex markings of a different color on its body such as spots or patches on the muzzle, eyes and legs.

The appearance of this breed varies depending on which parent has influenced it the most genetically. Some may inherit the sleek hair of the spaniel and some may have the coarse curls of the Poodle. But it is the Poodle who is responsible for the Cockapoo's low shedding and less dander coat, making it a certified pet for the sensitive.

They may be small but the cuddly Cockapoos are not short of agility and energy. They are also very intelligent, outgoing and affectionate, all thanks to the parent Cocker Spaniel. These hybrids are very amiable to people and love to have harmless and energetic frolic with the children.

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