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Tips for choosing a dog breed

The first step to choosing a dog breed is analyzing your lifestyle. As with anything certain dogs will suit particular lifestyles better than others so you need to choose accordingly. Getting a dog is a big task and will require a lot of time, training, socializing and exercising your dog. Puppies take up a lot of time and require a lot of attention.

You also need to determine if you or your family is allergic to any specific type of dog. Some individuals can tolerate specific types of breeds while others may have problems with any type of dog. Or perhaps you are the lucky one with no animal allergies.

You also need to take into account the cost of your dog. Certain breed will cost more than others. Remember that when looking at the whole package the actual cost of the dog isn't that high compared to everything you need to pay for once you have the dog. You will need to pay for shots, crates/cage, obedience school, inoculations, feeding and other accessories. You will be constantly spending money on your dog.

Where your dog will spend time is important as dogs are very social and like being with people. If you are never at home or will be keeping your dog chained all the time then you should investigate getting a dog that can handle being a lone for long periods of time. Or if you have a family and are active then you may want to get a very social dog breed.

The size of your dog is extremely important. Most breeders can give you a pretty good estimate at how large your dog will be once it is full size. This is based on its breed and parents. You can pick a dog that is small, medium, large or very large (giant) breeds. Make sure you have room and can handle the size of your desired dog.

You can obtain dog breeding information through books, the Internet, from veterinarians, local breeders, kennel clubs, pet supply stores and boarding kennels. These people will also have information about where you can find specific dog breeds if you have a type in mind. It is important to purchase you dog from a reliable breeder to guarantee a smooth transaction and healthy dog.

If you are not concerned with your dogs pedigree then you may want to visit your local animal shelter and rescue the next dog to be euthanized. Most shelters have plenty of puppies that need a good home and they have been checked out by a veterinarian so you will get a healthy dog.

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