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What to expect when you have a Pug

Having a Pug dog can be a lot of fun. Pugs are considered a toy dog breed, with a medium-small body. They weigh between thirteen and twenty pounds, and stand from twelve to fourteen inches tall, generally never getting bigger than that. Pugs have a wrinkly face and large, dark eyes that truly adds to their attractiveness and cuddliness. When they are excited, their eyes light up and have a lot of expression in them.

The term Pug has likely been derived from the Old English word of Pugg, which is an affectionate term for a playful little devil or monkey. That name fits this dog, as it is very playful. It is very popular because of its personality, having originated in China, also showing up in Japan and other countries and eventually to England, where it later came to the United States.

Pugs prefer the company of humans, though they get along well with other dogs and other pets. They really love to be with their owner, and will usually be right at their owner's feet or on their owner's lap. These loyal dogs get concerned and even a bit jealous or anxious if they aren't given enough of their owner's attention. They also do not respond well to being harshly disciplined, as they are sensitive to their owner's tone of voice. Often they will do things to get their owner's attention, or to get them to laugh aloud. They are considered to be little clowns.

Particularly during the first few years, Pugs have a tremendous amount of energy. They are often more difficult to train though, as they don't enjoy the training sessions because they get bored with them. They tend to be very rambunctious, but they are also very playful with a great sense of humor.

The Pug breed is energetic, particularly in the early years. While they have a lot of energy, they are often a bit more difficult to train, as they don't have a lot of patience for the repetitive training sessions required to be trained.

Pugs love to go for walks, but are somewhat limited as they are very sensitive to extremes of temperature and have some trouble breathing when they exercise. A Pug dog can be a wonderful family pet. It will be loyal and playful, and love the attention that children are willing to give a smaller, energetic dog. It is very eager to please, and it will often entertain whoever will give it attention. They love to go for walks with their humans.

Altogether, the Pug dog can be a wonderful companion dog. It gets along well with humans and animal pets, making it an easy addition to any family. It will come to you ready to bond with its owner, and be fiercely loyal to that owner for a lifetime. It will be eager to please, have a lot of energy, and will often entertain you (or your friends) for the attention. While it isn't one of the easier breeds to train, it is playful and its clownish personality makes up for the lack of ease in training.

If you are considering getting a Pug for your family, you should check with local breeders who sell them healthy and with good breeding. If you buy your Pug as a puppy, it will be cute and little, with the adorable wrinkles already in its face. Bought so young, you will be its human, and it will be your loyal companion for a lifetime.

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