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Advice for giving your dog the best grooming

Good pet health is closely related to grooming. If well taken care of, animals do feel great. The best dog grooming is normally defined by factors like budget, dog size, dog personality and breed. Moreover, nail cutting, hair combing and ear cleaning have to become part of the grooming routine done regularly.

The best dog grooming is normally achieved by following a vet's suggestions. Some people prefer doing it a home while others feel it more comfortable to use a professional groomer.

A healthy coat comes with good frequent brushing, and most dogs really enjoy this kind of grooming. Here you'll have to adjust the brushes to the dog's coat type. Thus, thick-haired dogs require daily brushing to prevent hair matting and tangling. The rest of the grooming is a lot easier if the pet's fur is kept in a good condition by daily brushing. Medium-haired dogs need weekly brushing only, while short-haired breeds raise almost no problems in terms of brushing. We ought to emphasize the importance of good brushing during the shedding season.

If dogs love brushing, they certainly hate nail trimming. The gentlest of dogs will not like you handling his paws, which makes nail trimming challenging for most pet owners. Finding the best dog grooming for the matter means avoiding the pet's fear of pain, since this will make things a lot easier. A professional groomer or vet technician should be able to handle the monthly nail trimming without any problem, and you may also learn a thing or two from them.

Bathing brings other tough moments for pets and owners. Some dogs love washing, but what about a wet dog running out of the tub and making a mess everywhere in the house? Although a monthly bath is enough, there is no harm in bathing them weekly particularly if you have a professional groomer handle the entire operation. Other than smell, bathing makes the perfect solution for hair parasites. Special shampoos are used depending on the case, and occasionally, the vet may have to give some recommendations too.

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