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All about pet Havanese cuts and trims

Havanese grooming is one of the best ways you can interact with your pet. Not only are the practical aspects of cleaning the dog and checking for signs of illness or injury taken care of, but your dog gets a lot of fuss and attention. Havanese love fuss and attention. Since that long, silky coat need Havanese cuts if they are not being shown, a chance for a haircut should be viewed by the dog as fun time and not a chore. This will make your job a lot easier.

The Poodle trim is a little trickier to pull off, and has the disadvantage of making your Havanese look well, not entirely like a Havanese. They will look more like a Maltese or a Bichon Friseor a Toy Poodle. Generally, the more hair cut off in a Havanese cut, the less the dog will look like a Havanese. But the Poodle cut does leave your dog with a coat easy to manage and brush (which you need to do every day!)

The Puppy Trim Havanese cut is very much like a shorter version of the long, full show coat. The tail and the part down the spine is left alone, but everything else is fair game. The goal is to make the adult Havanese look like a larger version of a Havanese puppy.

Sometimes in pets it's better to just cut the mat out and be done with it! A slicker brush can help remove tangles. Be sure to hold the hair between the tangle and the dog's skin to lessen pain.

Although many Havanese pet owners prefer to take their dogs to a groomer for the best Havanese cuts, you can cut your dog's coat yourself. You need to be sure your dog likes to be groomed and will sit still. If your dog can't do this, then it is best for a professional groomer to give the dog Havanese cuts. Your dog needs to be bathed, all tangles combed out, and then you can trim away around the body, using the dog's body contours to guide you.

Another Havanese haircut tip is to not debate too much about what to cut and how much - just let your instinct take care of you. It's sort of like Zen and the art of Havanese grooming! You can clean around your dog's eye and ears with soft cotton balls or special cleaning pads for a final touch. Use the conditioning spray, especially if the weather is humid.

Finish with the conditioning spray and a treat. You can do any corrections with sharp scissors when the coat has fully dried. You also can do these trims without having to give a full bath first. These are just trims around the side of the dog, or what the dog is willing to let you do!

Having pictures of Havanese cuts like the puppy clip and the Poodle clip will help give you a pattern to follow. Be sure to give your dog a big treat so haircut time is fun time!

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