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Beagle grooming

The Beagle dog breed dates back historically to 19th century England. The breed was registered with the American Kennel Club in the 1880s. It is thought that Beagles are derived from inter-breeding of several kinds of harrier and other hunting dogs. Beagles have gained popularity not only for the skill on the hunt but also for their sociable temperament.

These sturdy dogs have an independent spirit yet they are pack animals too. This makes Beagles excellent family pets since they view their human family members as part of their pack. Beagles have an excellent sense of smell and a natural affinity for the chase.

Grooming your Beagle can include everything from brushing his fur to trimming his toes and even eyelashes. Grooming is a way to care for your Beagle's appearance and maintain his overall health. Whether you choose to groom your Beagle at home or take him to a veterinarian's office or pet groomer, it is important to know the areas specific to your Beagle that require special attention.

Grooming your Beagle includes caring for his appearance and maintaining his overall health. You may choose to groom your Beagle yourself or your may have your veterinarian's office perform trickier grooming techniques such as trimming your Beagle's nails. There are also a number of pet grooming services that will maintain your pet's appearance for a small fee. For example, a package including a puppy wash, brush, nail trim, and style costs approximately $10-$60.

If you do not feel comfortable grooming your Beagle, there are many pet groomers available to maintain your dog's appearance. They can handle, in particular, tricky areas like trimming your Beagle's nails. Services are relatively reasonable. A "puppy package" may include a puppy wash, brush, nail trim, and style and costs approximately $10-$60.

Grooming your Beagle helps care for his appearance and maintains his overall health. Whether you groom your Beagle yourself or have your veterinarian's office or pet groomer do the grooming, take care of specific areas such as your Beagle's ears, nails, and eyes. Weekly brushing and occasional bathing will help to maintain a healthy coat.

Follow these guidelines to care for his problem areas. Because they are prone to infection due to water or bacteria becoming trapped inside, the long, pendulum-shaped Beagle ears should be checked at least once per week to ensure they are clean and free of infection. Remembering to do this at each brushing is a good rule of thumb.

Because Beagles have longer eyelashes than other dogs, eyelashes need to be monitored and carefully trimmed. An ingrown eyelash will be very uncomfortable for your Beagle and will require surgery to correct. Remember that to care for his coat, brush him at least once weekly. Beagles rarely need to be bathed but can be dry-shampooed occasionally.


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