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Getting rid of dog hair

Dogs are the most popular companion animals as more than 37% of households have a dog for a pet. Dogs are noted to have an affectionate and loyal nature thus it would not be surprising if people choose dogs to be their pets. However, dog ownership brings not only joyous moments with the pet but frustrations as well.

A homeowner fastidious with the cleanliness of the home should opt to get other animals for adog hair pet. Dogs are lovable creatures but let's face it - these pets can make accidents that will fill the air inside the house with horrible smell. Another concern of dog owners is the dog hair that must be constantly removed from all the surfaces of the house. There is no such thing as a non-shedding dog. Dog hair can be a real nuisance as it will cover the carpet, the furniture, collect on clothing and even float in your coffee. Dog hair can be really annoying as although very noticeable, it cannot be removed easily by the hand.

For dog owners that have grown to love the pet the option of getting rid of the dog will never be considered thus it would be best to find ways to keep the home a little less hair covered. As mentioned, all dogs shed and some breed would shed continuously and other would be heavy seasonal shedders. Dog shedding can never be "cured" but to deal with excessive shedding, a pet owner may consider changing the diet of the dog. Excessive dog shedding is often caused by an allergy to commercial food.

Proper grooming will do a lot in reducing the dog's air borne hair. Dead hair that will be shed by the dog inside the house will already be removed if the dog is regularly brushed. As the tangles will be removed, the grooming sessions that will be good bonding moments will also improve the appearance of the dog. Bathe the dog with shampoos specially formulated to reduce hair fall.

Use the vacuum regularly giving particular attention on the places where the dog spends a lot of its time. A lint roller is an effective tool that will keep dog hair away from your couch, from your clothes and hopefully will prevent dog hair from floating in your coffee.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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