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Give my dog a bath? No way! Dog grooming is not my bag!

It is important to keep your dog well groomed to keep him healthy and happy. Many people use groomers for this purpose. These types of services can make your dog feel and look absolutely fabulous with a fresh shampoo. However, that's not the only service a groomer will provide. A dog grooming service can also trim his nails, brush his teeth, check and clean his ears, and even give him a massage.

Dogs in particular need to be cleaned and taken care of properly. Grooming is especially important in the hot summer months to help keep them cool. A regular, refreshing bath is one of the dog grooming basics. This task may require more than spraying water on your pet, rubbing shampoo and rinsing it off. A professional groomer will use proper supplies, such as shampoos and special dog brushes, to properly clean and groom the dog.

Picture one wiggly, suspicious dog, plus a novice dog owner coming at it with a pair of scissors or clippers, and what do you envision? Probably not a well-clipped pooch! A haircut will help your dog look and feel good, especially during the sweltering summer months, but this task is often one that should be left to someone with some experience. A professional groomer has all the right tools, as well as the expertise to do a nice job. They also know the proper length to cut your dog's coat. Too short can be just as bad as too long. Besides, your pup deserves to look nice.

Grooming of your dog should also include proper dental care. You dog needs to have his teeth brushed the same as humans do. It is important that you have this done by someone who can do a good job. If you're not qualified to handle this task, take your pooch to a professional dog groomer. There your pup will receive a good thorough teeth brushing, and the results will be healthier teeth and better smelling breath.

Have you ever trimmed a dog's toenails? If so, you understand how scary, unpleasant, and sometimes painful it can be for your pup if you cut into the quick of the nail. And other than to yelp in pain or run under the bed, your dog can't give you very good feedback on how you're doing as the work is in progress. This is one aspect of dog grooming that is best left to the professional. The pro has the proper tools, and can handle the job with ease. With the job done well, your pooch will not be able to scratch up your furniture, upholstery, floors, and clothing. Nail care is absolutely essential for the comfort and health of your pet!

While your pup is at the groomer's, make sure he gets his ears checked and cleaned. Proper cleaning of your dog's ears is important for good grooming and overall health, since hearing is one of the most important of their senses. As part of a preventative ear care program, and to minimize the chance of an ear infection occurring, have your dog's ears tended to once a month, if possible.

When it comes to taking care of your beloved pup, nothing it too good for him. That includes a regular regime of bathing, dental care, ear cleaning, and possibly even some luxuries that your dog might enjoy. It's okay to spoil your pooch a little. He'll be well cared for by a professional dog groomer. Give him what he deserves. It's a good way to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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Thursday, 29 February 2024

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