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Grooming table selection

It's very difficult to choose a pet grooming table. There are so many options out there it can be positively frustrating trying to make a choice. When you look online all you see are flashy ads for professional products that may or may not be outside your price range. So what do consumers actually need when they look for a pet grooming table? There are several tips that can help you make the best choice.

Step one in selecting a pet grooming table is determining what your needs are. There is no point to purchasing a table and subsequently realizing that it is not at all what you need. The best antidote for this is a little prevention in the form of articulating your needs. There are lots of great professional grooming tables out there, but if you do not plan to be a professional groomer, they are probably outside of your budget, and have more features than you would ever use.

Step two should be deciding which varieties of pets you intend to groom. For most people this is limited to cats and dogs, sometimes either, sometimes both. If you're grooming your cat, a smaller table with limited surface area and a thinner harness will do just fine. But if you plan to groom your great dane on the table, be aware that your needs will be significantly different.Grooming

A common pitfall for consumers is the online shopping craze. While buying online can be very convenient, it can often lead to consumers buying products that don't exactly line up with their needs. The best way to avoid this is to read the literature carefully. Check product specifications and components. Make sure that the materials that the grooming table is made of are sturdy enough to support your animal, and double check the height measurements against a similar table in your home.

When people see pet grooming tables, they are often negatively affected by the leash harness, which is the leash designed to keep your pet in place while you do your work. It is important to remember that the leash harness is a safety device rather than a convenience issue, and not using one can result in serious injury for you or your pet. Most well trained pets don't actually mind it very much!

An option for the professional pet groomer is the hydraulic lift table, which has a lift that raises and lowers the table by way of an included foot pedal. This type of table can make the work of a professional groomer much easier, but it is important to remember that for casual groomers the cost outweighs the benefit.

For pet owners with very unmanageable dogs, there is another option, the double harness. The double harness, just as it sounds, holds your dog around the neck as well as from the hindquarters, and prevents excessive wiggling or jumping on the table. It can make your work considerably neater, and keep the dog safe.

Although picking the right pet grooming table can seem impossible, if you follow the steps I've outlined here, you'll pick the right table for you and your pet. Remember not to be sold on fancy features or flashy styles, just choose the table that best meets your needs - your pet will thank you for it.

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