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Home dog grooming tips

Dog grooming refers to the practice of maintaining the appearance of a dog for public showing or personal hygiene reasons. Grooming dogs includes things like shampooing, hair clipping, hair styling, powdering, nail clipping and teeth cleaning. Grooming is healthy for your dog and can be somewhat pleasing to the owner.

It also helps reduce shedding and odor. Grooming further serves to reduce allergies for both the dog and their owner.

The health benefits derived from regular grooming are numerous. It keeps the dog's coat glossy and the skin healthy. It also serves to improve circulation and helps keep the their coat free from fleas, ticks and other parasites.

The first step in grooming dogs is to find a clean and comfortable area with adequate lighting to use as a workspace. Being groomed must not be a traumatic experience for your dog. It's also very important to purchase high quality pet grooming equipment and supplies.

Dog grooming and dog health go hand in hand. If you have a dogs that sheds a lot, regular grooming will speed up the shedding cycle and stop all those floating hair tufts. Dog grooming is not only healthy, it helps you to create a bond of trust and love with your dog. Pet grooming is an expression of your affection and if started early in your dog's life will server to establish a regular routine that will contribute greatly to the future health and well being of your pet.

Here's a dog grooming tip; when trimming your dog's coat, don t forget about the hair around legs, ears and eyes. However, these areas are important to remember. Dogs should be bathed about once a week. Be sure to remove any tangles before starting a bath and don t get water and soap in their ears or eyes. You can clean the ears with a damp cloth or use a dog ear cleaner that can be purchased at any pet store.

Clipping your dog's nails once every month is enough to keep them in fine condition. However, be sure to use only good quality nail clippers. Trim each nail while be careful you don t cut back too far as this may result in pain and potential infection. If you re uncertain how far back to cut, just cut back to the point where the nail starts to curl and you should be okay.

Dental health is very important for dogs as well as humans. Even though you are having your dog's teeth look at on your regular vet visits, you still need to take care of their teeth at home also. You should brush your dog's teeth once a week with one of your old discarded toothbrushes. You can find special dog toothpaste at your local pet store. Don t use your toothpaste because dogs do like the taste and will fight having their teeth brushed.

Regular dog grooming can become a integral and relaxing part of your life and your pet will love the extra attention. Regular grooming provides many positive health benefits and helps the dog to understand its place within the family social order. This leads to a healthy, happy and well adjusted pet who will appreciate your affection.

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