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How can I bathe my dog? Here's the easy way to wash your dog!

Most of us think about bathing dogs in one of two ways. Either we believe that dogs nearly never need bathing, or we fall in with the people who feel a dog should be bathed once a month or even more often. The truth is somewhere between the two. Bathing is good for dogs, but it can cause problems if you do it too often.

That's because all dogs have oils in their fur and skin, the same way as people do. Wash your dog too often and his skin will dry out. Your dog will itch, and may scratch and create sores. Remember there there are benefits to retaining the natural oils. They protect the skin from its own bacteria, for instance.


With care, you can make bathing entertaining for you and your pet. Just watch for a few things.

  1. Take care of your dog's ears. Infections can occur when soap and water are able to enter the ear canal. This may be temporary, but it could also do some real damage. Infections harm the ear drum, leading to possible deafness. Not sure if your dog has an ear infection? He might if you see him shaking his head a lot, or if there's a discharge from the ear.  To make sure that this doesn't occur, all you need to do is use cotton balls to stop your dog's ears. Never force these into the ear canal - just place them securely at the entrance of the ear, keeping water out. Once the bath is over, dry the ears to keep moisture out - a finger wrapped in a cloth works well. If you decide to use a cotton swab, make sure you don't put it too deeply into the ear canal, since it could damage the ear drum.
  2. Make sure you use the right shampoo. Products made for people are irritating, harsh, and full of scents your dog may be allergic to. Dog shampoo protects your pet's skin and fur.
  3. The frequency with which you bathe your dog will depend on the breed you have. Dogs with long hair need to be washed more often than breeds that have short hair. That means that if you have a hairy breed, such as a spaniel, you may need to bathe as often as once every two months. Other breeds could go as long as eight months, but outdoor dogs will probably need more frequent bathing.

Start your dog off correctly when it comes to bathing and bath time. Patience and compassion can be very important since a dog that's frightened will be harder to bathe. Make the process fun - the majority of dogs enjoy getting wet, after all.

If you can, set the bath up outside and encourage your dog to play in it. Distract your dog from water with toys. When the dog calms down, you can start the bath. A leash may help with this process.

Collect everything you'll need for the bath well in advance, including soap, towels, and a bowl for pouring water. Hoses usually are full of water that's too cold - use water from the bath instead.

If you teach your dog that bathing is to be enjoyed, you and your pet will enjoy the next session.

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