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How frequently should dog baths be done?

The problem with dog baths is that people tend to either do dog bathing too often or not enough. The rule of thumb is dog bathing should be done when needed. Your dog does not have to smell like a perfume bottle but also not like he just left the garbage dump either.

If you keep your dog well groomed, which means frequent brushing and keeping his sleeping area clean, you will not have to be bathing a dog more than every month at the most. Some breeds have more dog odor than others. If your dog is being groomed regularly and he begins to smell, it is time for a bath. But do keep in mind that more than once a month can dry the skin and coat.

Here are some guidelines for dog baths...

  1. Bath when he has rolled in something nasty, which is pretty obvious, just use your nose; that tell tale doggy smell will let you know it's time for a bath. Use an antibacterial or deodorizing shampoo and follow up with a conditioner.
  2. Doggy odor - use any one of the many canine shampoos available for dog baths. A tearless one would be the best choice.  **Note**If the odor from your dog is more that just ordinary dog smell, check with your veterinarian. It could be caused from infection of the ear, mouth or anal glands. Skin disease can also cause odor.
  3. Dandruff - use a dandruff shampoo, there are many on the market but check with your groomer or vet as to the cause.
  4. Allergies - a dog with itchy skin from allergies may find a bath soothing and help reduce itching. The use of a soothing oatmeal shampoo, a gentle hypo-allergenic or hydrocortisone-based shampoo in most cases should be helpful.
  5. Fleas, mites, tics, and lice - special shampoos made for parasites are great for this problem.
  6. If he's been Skunked! There are shampoos specifically for this.
  7. If your dog has been in salt water give him a bath, salt may irritate the skin.

Dog Bathing Tips

  1. If you are bathing a puppy use a shampoo that is specially formulated for puppies.
  2. The younger you introduce your pet dog to bathing and brushing the easier it will be.
  3. Shampoo can leave a residue which may irritate your dog's skin. Rinse well after shampooing.
  4. Human shampoos should not be used on dogs. The PH level is not the same.
  5. Fatty acid supplements added to your dog's good diet will help maintain a healthy coat and skin.
  6. While some dogs enjoy the attention when having their bath others do not. If your dog is afraid of water and bath time is a battle, try one of the dry shampoos.
  7. There are many options for shampoos, choose one that is right for your dog.
  8. Wear old clothes, you will get wet!
  9. Use a drain screen to prevent clogging.

Finally, your dog's appearance says a lot about you and how you feel about your best buddy. All dog breeds need to be groomed and have dog baths; there is no such thing as a dog that requires no grooming.

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