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How to get rid of dog dander

Dogs are wonderful pets to have around but an allergic reaction to dog dander will prevent people from enjoying the affectionate and loyal companionship of a dog. The sneezing, the debilitating fatigue, the watery eyes and the runny nose are often attributed to the presence of a dog. An allergic reaction believed to be caused by dog hair would prevent a dog lover from taking a dog for a pet. Some breeds are hyped to be hypoallergenic but a person that was weakened by allergies would think twice to get a dog.

Misinformation would prevent a dog lover from keeping a dog for a pet. An allergic reaction ishappy puppy min caused by dog dander and not by the dog itself. Dog dander allergens are dead skin cells that being constantly shed by the dog. The dander that is continuously shed by the dog will accumulate on the dog's fur and on any other surfaces. Because dogs are hugged and cuddled, the dander can easily transfer to the clothes of the dog owners. Once the dander gets airborne it will stick to other surfaces and remain in the environment. A person sensitive to these allergens will start to exhibit allergic symptoms once the dander is inhaled.

Dog dander causes allergies but it should not be the reason why a person should not get a dog. Dog dander remains in the environment for a long time thus getting rid of the dog will not stop allergy attacks. A pet owner can find ways to cut down the amount of dog dander in the environment.

Good grooming would do a lot to lessen the amount of dog dander. Regular brushing will not only enhance the appearance of the dog as dead hair will be removed but it will also improve the distribution of the natural oils that moisturize the skin. Because the good condition of the skin is maintained the amount of dry skin being shed by the dog will be lessened. However be sure to brush the dog outside the home. Moisturizing shampoos used in bathing the dog will improve the condition of the skin thereby reducing dog dander.

Carpets and rugs are dander catchers that must be avoided by people allergic to dog dander. Cleaning the house regularly and using the vacuum cleaner more often will reduce the amount of dog dander in the environment.

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