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How to help your dog with itchy skin

Dog allergies are fairly common and can be the cause of dry, itchy skin. If your dog is scratching a lot, he could be suffering from environmental allergens like pollen and dust, or even from inflammation caused by flea bites. Another source of itching could be the dog shampoo or grooming products used on your pooch. This is because a dog's skin is ten times more sensitive his caretaker's. This makes them highly susceptible to the irritants found in their surroundings.

Getting to the heart of the matter may take a multi-pronged approach due to the numerous causes for canine itching. Making time to do this however, will be essential in diagnosing and subsequently curing your dog?s skin ailment.

dog with itchy skin
Proper Grooming

While dogs often run away from the dreaded bath or flea dip, most do not mind being brushed. This is because loving pet parents who know what they're doing can make it an enjoyable experience. With the proper products, habitual grooming may even make a dogs skin healthier. Keeping the skin healthy is one significant way to keep itchiness to a minimum.

If you find you rarely have time to groom (or don't know how to do it properly) take your doggie to a pro. Groomers use products that help a dog maintain a healthy coat, which is gained from healthy skin.

Provide a Skin Protective Diet

Just like human beings, dogs may be susceptible to food allergies. Even organic pet food or treats can have ingredients in them that cause the dog's skin to be dry and flaky. To uncover the offending item, try changing the foods your pet eats. If and when you find the suspect ingredient, remove it from your pet's diet. This could in turn alleviate your dog's dry itch.

Also, be sure to scan future purchases to ensure new products are free of this particular allergen.

Bathing and Dipping

Some dog owners may be over washing their pet, which can lead to dryness, especially if the products being used are chemically based. This is due to the fact that many chemicals found in maintenance products can be extremely harsh to a dog's skin. However, even with organic pet products, over washing is not a good idea.

Washing once a month is always best.

If fleas are the cause of the itching, then a dip could be the solution. Taking your pet to the vet would be the best course of action, but if you insist on doing the dip yourself, look into organic products that won't irritate the dog's skin further. As a matter of fact, if your pet suffers from chronic dry, dog itchy skin, you should look into an organic line of grooming and maintenance product anyway.

Remember to use lukewarm water when bathing your pet as well and towel dry your dog as opposed to blow drying him or her. These all important steps will continue to keep the skin from over-drying.

When to visit the vet

Realistically speaking, your dog itchiness can be a reaction to any number of things, including the mange. If you have tried to figure out the source of your dog's condition and come up empty, it may be time to take them to the veterinarian. A vet can do a ton of diagnostics that will aid them in determining the factors that are contributing to the skin problem.

They will also be able to employ a variety of solutions, like steroid injections, topical or oral cortisone and/or antihistamines. Once you uncover what is behind your dog's dry and itching skin, you can take the steps necessary to protect them. The health of your dog and his quality of life could very well depend on what you do in this regard and your loyal and adoring companion is worth all the effort.

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