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Perfect nails made easy by guillotine nail trimmers

Dogs can have the need for a regular manicure probably more than humans do; hence the need for trimmers. Overly long nails in humans are annoying but in dogs they can split and break causing bleeding paws. Your dog's feet are tough but tender, and any foot injury can cause serious problem to move about. If you hear your dog's nails making a sound on hard floors, it's time for a trim. You have two choices about what to do - do it yourself or go down the professional route.

If doing it yourself is your style, remember a couple of vital rules.

You need the right equipment and you need to have some knowledge of the anatomy of your dog's paw.

Without these you will have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

Everyone knows how sore it is when you cut your nail too low - the same goes for dogs, so it is important to know where the nerve starts. You need to cut below the quick, which is easy to identify by the end of the pink color.

Firstly let's look at the equipment; Master Grooming Tools Guillotine Nail Clippers are a great solution, as they are designed with the user in mind with non-slip, low impact grip so your hand won't get tired and you won't lose your grip even if it's wet. The sharp blades mean that trimming is easy and safe.

Next let's look at the procedure for cutting nails.

The best position is to sit with your dog in your lap taking his paw in your hand.

The nail will extend if you gently push the pad; now you have to try to ascertain where the quick is and below that point start to trim at 45 degrees. Little by little is the key, don't hurry this job.

After the majority of the work has been done, it is time to tidy up any uneven edges.

It's so important to trim the nail carefully as you can seriously hurt your dog with a slip of the hand - and you will know about it!

If by accident you do manage to cut the quick use Gimborn Kwik Stop Styptic Gel with Benzocaine to stop bleeding immediately.

Perfect for your family pets or even for use in a pro dog grooming salon, Master Grooming Tools Guillotine Nail Clippers are a great product.

The trimmers are designed with both dog and owner in mind, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Both dog and owner will be delighted to get a manicure with these safe and effective trimmers.

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