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Recommended dog grooming equipment for a happier dog owner!

Grooming your dog has never been easier with the right grooming tools out in the market nowadays. From bathing up to trimming their nails, there are grooming equipments which makes grooming experience easier and enjoyable for both ends. Even though there are times that it is hard to give your stubborn dog the cleaning he needs, it is solely your responsibility as their master to maintain their cleanliness and well being.

Here are some grooming equipments that should always be consider to properly clean and groom your dog.

Dog Shampoo, Conditioner

Dog shampoos and conditioners are the basic essentials to properly wash away dirts which your dog acquires from his daily activities. In choosing the best dog shampoo and conditioner you have to consider how often you need to clean your dog. Giving your dog a bath should depend on how dirty he is, it is because frequent bathing will strips away his natural protective oil that irritates their already sensitive skin. The best way to tell if your dog needs a bath is through his smell and of course his appearance. But if your dog is involved with too much outdoor activity choose a dog shampoo that is mild and has a moisturizing effect. A conditioner specifically formulated for dry skin is also recommended to give your dog the extra moisture and for a longer lasting clean smell as well.

Never use a human shampoo on your dog; because human shampoo has a higher PH level that can irritate you dog’s skin and also their eyes. Not to mention dog shampoo has an easy rinse formula and also deodorize well and leave your dog's coat shiny for a longer time compared to human shampoo that is formulated for human hair.

Dog Nail Clipper and Dog Hair Clipper

Dogs nail should not be taken for granted for it is one of the most important in taking good care of your pet’s health. Dog nails is one of the most favorite living areas of germs in which also could cause an infection. Dog hair clipper is also an essential tool in grooming your dogs long hair and also a great solution in giving your dog an immediate relief to some skin problems. Before using the dog hair clippers make sure that your dog’s hair is thoroughly dry. Do not use clippers made for human beings, it is because human hair clippers will not stand up to the rigors of dog grooming. By using dog hair clipper you can give your dog the special cut that will boost their appearance which will definitely make you hug them.

Dog Brush and Comb

For long haired dogs, frequent brushing is a must to avoid tangles in their hair. Brushing your dog’s hair before bathing is also recommended to remove dead hairs, that is because water creates tight matts in the loose hairs.

Dog Dental Care Supplies

As many veterinarian said, oral disease affects over 80% of dogs by the time they're three years old. This could only mean that dental care should not be taken for granted. You can use a dental finger brush with a dental gel for dog and gently rub their teeth. Do not use toothpaste made for human being for it might upset your dog’s stomach and might scare your dog from the taste of human toothpaste. There are also dental chews that can help massage your dog’s gum while reducing plaque and tartar.

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