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Tips for Poodle grooming

There are literally hundreds of different breeds of dog that one can choose from, but the Poodle is definitely a fan favorite. They are affectionate and loving dogs, not to mention absolutely beautiful. Poodle grooming is often considered as a drawback to owning these dogs however, because it requires so much time and effort.

There are certain aspects to Poodles that should be taken into consideration however before one goes ahead and gets one for a pet. Poodle grooming is one thing that requires a lot more time and effort than grooming with other breeds of dog.


This is one of the main reasons that a lot of people avoid getting a Poodle simply because they know that they will not have the time and attention to spend on the dog which is what they need and crave. They are very attention seeking dogs and in fact even if left alone for just a few hours they will become frustrated and lash out.


Of all the different components included in basic Poodle grooming one of the most important involves dealing with their runny eyes. As a rule, Poodles tend to have very runny eyes, and this does not mean that they were bred improperly or that they are sick. This is just a problem that is common among Poodles and which must be dealt with otherwise the tears from their eyes will end up staining the fur around them.


Tearstain removal can be quite easy however, and there are tearstain home remedies using mixtures of milk of magnesia, cornstarch and peroxide or bleach. It is important to be very careful when making up such mixtures however because of course if too much is used it could be harmful to the dog. If unsure, going to a dog store and buying a commercially made tearstain removal formula may be the best idea here.


But the most important part of grooming is the Poodle hair cut. There are many ways to trim your Poodle's thick, curly fur. There are very specific hair cuts for dog show competitions and more simple cuts for pets. In warm whether you may prefer to shave your Poodle leaving little puffs of fur on the legs and head.


But a coat that is trimmed close all over is the most practical cut for any Poodle. This style will keep your pet looking great and at the same time require the least amount of regular grooming. Weekly baths and periodic brushing is all that is needed when a Poodle is kept trimmed every four to six weeks.


Owners should keep in mind that there are professional dog groomers out there who will be able to help out here and do the work of grooming your Poodle. There will be a fee for this of course but to most owners it is well worth it and this is not only to have someone take the work out of their hands but also to make sure that it has been done right. Especially because of their long and unique coat, Poodles require special and regular grooming in order to stay looking and feeling at their very best.

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