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12 Things to do to make you a better dog owner

Not only does your dog require good behavior and discipline, but so does the dog owner. While dogs can be a lot of fun, caring for a pet isn't all fun and games, It's a lifetime commitment. Taking care of your dog is a big responsibility. Don't take it lightly.

As a dog owner, you are directly responsible for your dog. It's within your power to give your dog a healthy and happy life. Don't take this responsibility lightly.

Learn these 12 rules to be the best dog owner you can be:

  1. Obey the laws concerning your dog. Make sure to obey all vaccination, clean-up and leash laws.
  2. Try to spend at least a half hour per day playing with your dog. You don't want your pet to feel unloved and lonely.
  3. Be informed about neutering and spaying before you make this important decision.
  4. Give your dog the best veterinary care you can afford. Don't forget yearly check ups, dental check ups and vaccinations.
  5. Your dog need lots of regular exercise. Give him at least thirty minutes a day. He'll love you for it too.
  6. Get your dog's papers in order. Make sure he has the proper license and ID tags. It's also a good idea to get the implant chip for your dog. If he is lost, you can find him more easily.
  7. You receive unconditional love from your dog. Treat him the same way. Be good to your dog and never beat or hurt him. Treat your dog with loving kindness and be a good friend to him.
  8. Be sure to always clean up well after your dog. This prevents infections and illness.
  9. Groom your dog several times a week. Grooming is a great way of bonding with your dog.
  10. To ensure that your dog get the proper nutrition, buy him the best quality dog food that you can afford.
  11. Teach you dog to get along well with other animals and people. Take him to the park several times a week.
  12. Your dog needs and wants training. Giving your dog the proper training will let you know how much you care for him.

Hopefully, these simple rules for dog owners will help you to be a better dog owner. Be a good owner and your dog will be a good pet.

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