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5 Ingredients for an improved life with your dog - From fetch to food to Frontline flea meds

From special time and exercise, to correct grooming, medical aid and proper treatments, like Frontline flea medication, dogs have certain wishes that you, as the owner will have to take care of. Make the most of your relationship with your pet by committing the time and money he needs to make certain he lives a long and healthful life.

Take a look at the big picture of what makes a dog content, and work out little things you can do on a constant basis to make certain the quality of his life is high and stays high throughout his years as an element of your family. Gain control. Dogs have simple needs you can meet with a little time and planning.

1. Good coaching / Communication - Dogs are social animals and they covet leadership and structure in the pack or family. Make sure you know the way to communicate with your dog to show him that you are the leader of the pack. He should willingly do what you say each time. If not, it's time to brush up with a dog coaching manual or dog training video which will train YOU to coach your pet.

2. Good Food / nourishment - As we learned a few years back with the dog food scares and deaths, we need to keep a watch on our dog's nourishment. Tragically and surprisingly, my Aunt Patty lost her poodle Jazzbox to poisoning from contaminated dog food. While it might not be practical for everybody to make their dog's food every day, it definitely makes sense to find a make of food you can feel cushty feeding your dog. Talk to your vet about ingredients and nutrition standards from the brands you are considering.

3. Love and friendship - Dogs are not play things that are content to be ignored like a bicycle in the garage or a Monopoly game in the closet - only to be taken out at your convenience. Dogs desire and need your attention. Try to arrange your day so that you'll have a little time to spend with your dog before and after work. If the dog must be alone all day while the family is gone, think about another animal companion or a pet sitter / dog walker to look in on your pet and break up the monotony.

4. Plenty of Exercise - Different breeds of dogs have varying levels of exercise needs. However, I will go out on a limb and say most breeds of dogs need a ton more exercise than they're getting on a regular basis. A rigorous exercise program can help curb behavior issues inside the house and make your dog ( and you ) healthier. If you cannot muster the energy to fully exercise your dog with a 5-mile run every day, look into toys and games that may supply a physical and mental challenge. A game of fetch, a play-date with another friend's's dog, a swim at a beach or lake - all these can be effective types of exercise. There are also a number of wonderful dog hobbies, like agility competitions, which can supply exercise, quality time, and psychological challenge - what a great combination!

5. General health care - although it's never any fun for us to consider going to the doctor, it is important to take our dog to the vet on a consistent basis. The vet will ensure your pet is completely immunized, and check his teeth, coat, feet, eyes and ears to make certain he remains in good health. Nowadays, many veterinarians also recommend a routine course of flea and tick treatment with a product like Frontline flea drugs. Dogs benefit from flea and tick sprays like Frontline flea medication, canine Advantix or Advantage for dogs, because these products reduce and eliminate uncomfortable itching due to bug infestations. Furthermore, keeping fleas and ticks off your dog can help prevent the growth of these insects to you and your other pets and relations, as well as slow the spread of contagious and dangerous sicknesses like Lyme illness and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

If you are unable to do a coaching session with your dog each day, or run him round the block, it is not the end of the globe. However, it is important not to skip out on applications of Frontline flea medicine, or whatever product you are using. Most such flea and tick sprays need to be applied monthly and will not be effective if you skip months

Our lives are made of habits, and if we have pets, our habits should include making the time to meet their needs on a regular basis. Recognizing your pet and meeting his emotional and physical wants doesn't have to be hard. It should be a rewarding part of pet ownership... Of course , isn't taking the chance to do many of these activities one of the reasons you got a dog in the 1st place?

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