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5 things a dog owner must know

Having a dog in our home is surely an enjoyable experience. Especially if they've been with you for quite some time, you might even realized that dogs somehow understand how you feel. Through your bonding moments, you might even notice that your dog's rejoicing with you when you're happy; and moans as well, when you're sad. While having a pet or a dog in particular, brings so much joy to the family, there are some things that should always be kept in mind in taking care of them.

The breed of your dog. There are lots of dog breeds for you to know and to decide which best fits to you and your lifestyle. There are dogs that are more suited in cold areas, or dogs that need more space to run and play around. Choosing the right dog for you is very crucial, since if not made right, his comfort, or even the dog's health, may suffer later on.

Keep your dog clean. Proper and regular grooming is very much necessary, in keeping your dogs strong and healthy. By bathing him, keeping his nails short, and regular trimming his coat, he will be more resistant to parasites like ticks and fleas.

Health care. Unlike people who can talk, dogs on the other hand, do the barking. More often than not we barely misunderstand what our dogs are trying to tell us, so better check on them regularly. You may observe him to be uneasy or is always running around and barking the whole day; or maybe a bit sleepy most of the time - which is unusual for him. Who knows he may be suffering from joint and muscle pains, indigestion, or other illnesses? Be sure to take a visit on his vet and have him checked up.

Home maintenance and cleanliness. Having a pet can be a disaster on your home especially if you do not know how to deal with it. Of course, you wouldn't want any dismaying smell around your house so regular cleaning of your dog's sleeping haven, as well as your entire home is highly suggested.

Play with your pet once in a while. A bonding moment between you and your pet is very important, since this builds the relationship together. Plus there are studies that dog owners tend to live longer compared to others having no pets at home. The jury may still be out to show concrete evidences to that; but one possible factor is that dogs make us happier, and brings more joy to our lives.

Having a dog can bring us both joy and disaster, but the latter can be definitely avoided when you know by heart how to take care of your dog the right way.

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Thursday, 29 February 2024

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