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5 Ways That You Can Socialize Your Adult Dog

Your adult dog is no longer a puppy, but it might seem a little skittish around other dogs or people. If you think your dog could have benefitted from being more social when they were younger, it’s not too late to help them. Here are five ways that you can socialize your adult dog.

Take Them On Walks

One way to better socialize your adult dog is to continue doing something you’re likely already doing: take them on walks. As you go on walks with them, they have increased exposure to more people and animals, particularly dogs. You can reward them when they behave well with fellow canines and their masters.

Entertain Guests

Another way that you can socialize with your adult dog is by having guests over at your house. Your guests should not approach or overwhelm your furry friend. Instead, let your dog approach the new humans when they feel comfortable. You can also let your guests give your dog a treat to try to win them over.

Spend Time With Another Dog

A third way to enhance your adult dog’s social skills is by spending time with another dog. If you’re with a friend and their dog on a walk, keep a distance between the two dogs at first so that they become used to each other. If both are calm when the walk ends, let them sniff each other. Your dog may have just made a new friend if all seems positive.

Visit a Dog Park

You may reach a point with your dog where you feel like you can take them to a dog park. If you do, don’t take them inside at first. Instead, stand outside the park so that your dog can see what is happening.

If they seem comfortable, you may want to take your dog in and let them interact with the other dogs. Again, make sure you give them a treat if they act friendly so that they create a positive association with this behavior.

Take Them to Daycare

Another way to teach them socialization is by taking them to dog daycare. Here, they’ll encounter many other dogs and have the opportunity to make new friends as they play and burn off energy. If your chosen daycare provider gives proper supervision, it should be a pleasant experience for your favorite animal.

With these strategies, you can help make your older dog more social. Although some may say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” let your furry friend prove them wrong.

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