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A toy that floats, or sinks?

Dogs love to swim during the hot summer months and their favorite tricks are fetching sticks, balls or empty bottles back to their pleased owners. However it can be a problem when a dog looses site of its bait and the stick, ball sadly sinks. Dogs become agitated and want you to find another alternative which can prove quite difficult when there is nothing available in your surroundings.

There is also the danger of using something that is less suitable like a heavy stick that could break off into shards and splinter the dog’s mouth. These may also penetrate the oesophagus (gullet) or stomach which leads to disastrous consequences.

To avoid these situations and ensure that your pooch is happy, look at available pet accessories and products. An idea would be to find something that floats and is dog friendly.

The Kong Wubba

The Kong water Wubba is a new brightly coloured toy that is easy to spot when in water. The water wubba floats high in the water and can be easily spotted by all canine beady eyes. As it is soft and a 100 % dog friendly you can be sure that this product will not cause any harm towards your dog. Doggy tester Paddington gave this a wags up.

The Fantasy flyer dog toy

This Frisbee like dog toy is easy to throw and will return to the owner through its aerodynamics. The edging is coated in rubber so that it floats if landing in water. Great for keeping your dog fit as the flyer travels over a long distance.

The Fre-plast floating dog toy

This propeller style dog toy is made out of soft cotton and is well cushioned. Its shape makes it easy to throw as far as possible and being made out of a water resistant material ensures it will float.

It is always best to stick to pet supplies and products that have been recommended by official pet stores as you can be sure that your animals are safe whilst gaining exercise and having fun. The good thing about these specially made products is that they will last time and time again so you don’t have to worry about digging up that rotten stick or half eaten tennis ball.

Some dog owners may feel that it is expensive to purchase these products but what we have to remember is that a dog is for life and it should be loved and treated.

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Friday, 19 April 2024

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